25 Seats CNG Engine City Bus

Product Details

Bus modelMain equipmentsEmission Standard

Overall Dimension:6660*2240*2760mm,

 Dongfeng Chassis,24+1 seats,

 CNG engine of NQ100N ( 100hp, Euro 2 exhaust ),

3*80L=240L of CNG pots ( can run about 240km each fueling) 5 speed manual,

common soft passenger's seats, soft driver's seat,

one auto-folding passenger's door in middle, standard equipments.

Euro 2

Overall Dimension:6660*2240*2760mm,

Dongfeng Chassis,24+1 seats,

CNG engine of NQ120N ( 120hp, Euro 3 exhaust ),

4*80L=320L of CNG pots ( can run about 350km each fueling) 5 speed manual,

common soft passenger's seats,

soft driver's seat, one auto-folding passenger's door in middle, standard equipments.

Euro 3


TIANHUI is one of the leading China manufacturers of famous brand Gas Bus, we are offering good 25 seats cng engine city bus for sale in Dubai, Kenya, Uzbekistan and Myanmar, welcome to wholesale 25 seats cng engine city bus of good capacity at competitive price from our factory.


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