4 great skills to keep you away from frozen oil.

In most areas of the north, low temperature and large temperature are common throughout the winter.Caused by the temperature drop of diesel oil thickening phenomenon of solidification (commonly known as frozen oil), became a drivers often encountered problems, not only waste of time, often suffer people also tend to be in the process, will lead to serious traffic jams, and even face fines trailer of risk and loss.

There are several ways to solve the freezing oil.

1. External heating of the fuel tank with high temperature and open fire.

How to use it: after overnight, the oil is thickened.When starting the vehicle the next day, the "blowtorch" is usually used to heat the fuel tank for a long time to reach the normal range.

Disadvantages: this method has a large safety hazard and requires careful operation.General tractor fuel tank volume is larger, heating time is longer.

2. Remove the tubing screen and keep the pipe smooth.

Usage: remove the additional filter screen installed at the bottom of the tank to reduce the difficulty of low temperature thickening of diesel oil.

Disadvantages: the vehicle should be cleaned in advance before winter, and there is a certain safety risk!


3. Refit (electricity, water) to heat the diesel oil probe.

Method of use: through in the electric heating device installed in the fuel tank and hot water pipe of the way to achieve the goal of internal heating tank, so as to achieve similar to the tank with a "radiator" the effect.

Disadvantages: there is a certain risk in the external modification. The aging of the modified parts in the later period increases the maintenance risk, and the installation cost is relatively high.

4. There are many other methods, such as heat preservation and heating of diesel low pressure pipeline, heating of diesel filter, etc.