Advantages of SHACMAN bridge products

Engine, gearbox, axle core is three big truck powertrain, of the three axle in the process of automobile power transmission link of role, the performance and stability of the vehicle driving has a pivotal role, this period will be sufficient for everyone reading the important role of bridge in the vehicle.

The heavy truck bridge is usually made up of the steering axle and the drive axle.

The main function of steering shaft section is used to make the wheel deflection certain Angle in order to realize the auto steering, also bear part of the load and car brake force and moment produced and wheel sideslip.

The steering shaft is usually located in the front of the car, and therefore is often called the front axle.



The driving axle (also known as the axle) is an important part of the car chassis. The axle is connected by suspension and frame (or bearing body), and the car wheels are installed at both ends.Its function is to transfer the force and torque of the frame (or carrying body) to the direction of the wheel.The power input of the universal driving device is changed to the driving wheel, driving the car and allowing the left and right driving wheels to rotate at different rotational speeds.


SHACMAN handler, axle set research and development, manufacture, sales for the integration of China's axle industry the most scientific and technological content of large enterprises, various series bridge assembly, have converted the batch equipment heavy military off-road vehicles and the domestic each big famous heavy card company commercial vehicles.

Product advantage 1: inter-wheel, inter-axle differential lock, let your vehicle in the complex road condition unimpeded,To make different angular velocity rotating driving wheel can be used on both sides, to ensure its pure rolling state, the drive shaft of the vehicle must be disconnected (called half shaft), and by the main reducer driven gear through a differential gear system, called the differential between the wheel.Multi-axis driven cars, to make the drive Bridges have different input angular velocity, to eliminate the sliding phenomena of drive axle driving wheel, and to install inter-axle differential between each drive axle.

Product advantage 2: disc brake front axle, driving brake is more safe and reliable

Advantages of the front axle of shaanxi steam disc brake:

1) good thermal stability;

2) good water stability;

3) good braking stability;

4) the braking torque is greater in the same specification;

5) the friction block of disc brake is easier to change after wear and tear, and the structure is simpler, and the maintenance is convenient.

6) the gap between the brake disc and the friction block is small, and the operation time of the gas chamber push rod is short, making the brake more sensitive and reliable.


Product advantage 3: avoid maintenance technology to lead the industry

The driving axle adopts wheel side oil lubrication, better lubrication, better heat dissipation, and disassembling and maintenance performance.The brake drum adopts external setting, without removing the wheel hub and maintaining the convenient maintenance, greatly saving the maintenance time and cost, and effectively improving the time of the whole vehicle's attendance.

Some models realize matching FAG maintenance bearing cell technology and realize 500,000 kilometers of maintenance.At present, the X3000 dangerous goods tractor has been matched with the 5.5-t disk maintenance front axle. The whole system is to match the fag50km to the fag50km to maintain the drive axle, saving more than 5000 years for customers.


Product advantage 4: high safety performance

The industry's biggest brake + variable section brake, the brake is bigger, the brake is more stable.To realize the truck driving braking process, the light step not nod, retread to stop the steady.


The following is the comparison between the shaanxi steam matching 485 drive axle and the competing product parameters: