Air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, how much do you know?

It is known that the truck "three filters" card friends know, but it is the air filter, fuel filter and oil filter three kinds, is to play the role of filter cleaning.

If you just think so, it is not enough, the stand or fall of filtration is directly related to the output performance of engine power, engine durability performance and fuel consumption rate, based on this small make up today will take you know "/" problem studying, completely solve the "/" affecting the operation of engine trouble.


1. Air cleaner

The air filter is known as "the lung of the truck". It is generally installed in the vehicle's intake system, which is divided into dry and wet types according to the structure.

Different forms of air filtration are also different.

Air filter is the main component of filter and chassis, the filter part of the filter is the main bearing gas filtering, filter element and the casing is to provide the external structure of the need to protect.

The main function of air filter is to filter out the harmful impurities in the air which will enter the cylinder, so as to reduce the early wear of cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat.


2. Fuel filters

Diesel drivers in domestic friends already has a lot of complaints, the defect with not high quality fuel is to let us pay attention to the operation condition of the fuel filter, reduce the fuel quality and the effects on the engine performance.

Fuel filter is divided into three kinds: gasoline filter, diesel filter and natural gas filter according to vehicle fuel type.

In order to achieve high separation efficiency, two levels of separation are established: the first stage is the oil and water separator and the first grade is the diesel oil filter.

The fuel filter is connected in series between fuel oil pump and throttle valve body.

The role of fuel filter is to filter the iron oxide and water molecules contained in the fuel, reduce the wear of fuel impurities to the engine, and improve the combustion efficiency of the engine.


3. Oil filter

In order to keep the lubrication oil flow unimpeded, the oil filter avoids the scratches and the surface of the pulled parts, and the oil must be carefully filtered before being sent to the friction surface.

The oil filter is divided into strainer and fine filter.

The coarse strainer is in series with the main oil channel, and the fine filter is in parallel with the main oil channel.

The role of harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan filter, crankshaft, connecting rod, CAM shaft to clean the oil supply, turbocharger, piston ring, such as motion pair, lubrication, cooling and cleaning effect, so as to prolong the life of these parts.