Be sure to get in gear when you climb a slope.

Some users will think instead of block in climbing can also go up, but at the time of upslope, the resistance of the vehicle becomes larger, and under the range of output torque is not enough to cope with the uphill resistance, will not hot, couldn't climb up.At this point, many users will step on the gas pedal and make the vehicle climb up.But it did not know that the engine and the transmission had caused damage.The best way to deal with it is to reduce the vehicle's load, speed, slope and other driving conditions before going uphill, and to climb the slope at the right speed.

   First of all, let's analyze why we need to get in gear.

In the face of the ramp selection, it is necessary to ensure sufficient output torque at the expense of the speed, so that the output torque is sufficient to resist the resistance of the ramp so that the vehicle can smoothly pass the ramp.The intuitive feeling is that the speed is slow, but the traffic is strong.The more scientific explanation is that, according to the formula of "power = speed x torque /9550", there are two situations in which the power of the input transmission is constant, according to the law of conservation of energy.One is the high speed of the output shaft and low torque. The result is that the vehicle can maintain high speed, but the acceleration of the climb is not strong.In the other case, the output shaft speed is low and the torque is high, and the low gear is adopted. The result is that the vehicle runs slowly but is powerful, which is the most favorable for climbing.

Now let's look at what happens when we break down.

The speed ratio of the whole vehicle can be changed by lowering the gear ratio. The speed ratio of the whole vehicle is divided into two parts. One is the speed ratio of the gearbox, namely the ratio of the speed of the transmission input shaft and the output shaft of the transmission box.

The other is the rear axle ratio, which is the main deceleration ratio.When the vehicle, the vehicle speed ratio refers to the final drive ratio and the sum of transmission ratio, because of the rear axle ratio is fixed, can't change, and the transmission ratio is changing according to the tests, so only by changing the transmission ratio to change vehicle speed ratio.The lower the gear box, the bigger the speed ratio, the more powerful the vehicle.The higher the barrier, the smaller the speed ratio, the faster the vehicle runs.


In simple terms, there is several groups of different combination of gear transmission, the effect of each gear group is different, some ratio can make the vehicle has strength but no speed, while others had speed but no strength, which is different gears have different usage


To sum up, the function of low baffle is to be able to pull but need to go slowly, which is why we choose to start with low gear and climb the slope.Therefore, in dealing with the uphill, we must reduce the gear, according to the vehicle's load, speed, slope and other driving conditions to carry out the corresponding reduction, successfully conquer the future of every hillside.