Champion quality-SHACMAN M3000 winning tips

1. The performance is king.

It is mainly used for medium-short transport  (500-1500 - km), goods always emphasized within 49 t, give priority to with high speed, 

commonly used 60-80 km/h speed, mileage of 150000 kilometers, 

Competition strategy: new M3000 tractor mainly with high cost performance, fuel economy, high reliability, high comfort for market


2. New cabin to perfect upgrade.

SHACMAN continue to dig the market demand, developed to meet the new requirements of precision products, new M3000 6x4 

tractor truck ,quality permanent upgrade. 

3.The lightest weight & fuel more efficiently 

SHACMAN New M3000 6x4 tractor truck-coal transportation star, use a variety of new lightweight materials and a number of

drop weight design, component module development, product quality and the weight of synchronous optimization, vehicle weight

of meeting industry of similar products the most light, better fuel efficiency.

4.Like home driving environment & comfortable enjoy what you think 

SHACMAN NEW M3000 For the ride comfort of the space has carried on the special promotion, fully filtered from the impact of

the complex road conditions.

5.Supernatural power & gold combination & lower fuel consumption 

SHACMAN truck-New M3000 6x4 tractor truck -coal transportation star.precision's power matching, perfect to adapt to the

working condition of coal transportation, carrying weichai WP10, WP12 four valve, cummins ISM11 low speed five engines, 

power range of 270-440 horsepower, full load lower fuel consumption, the economy is better, up 4% power performance 

and fuel economy increase of 2%. 

6.The new security upgrade & driving more secure