Details SHACMAN single refrigeration air conditioning advantage!

SHACMAN single refrigeration and air conditioning is designed for tropical area developed efficient air conditioning, its main is by removing the old air conditioning redundant hot water pipes, electric control valves, fittings such as line, at the same time use the enhanced evaporator, optimize the wind pipe and air blower, etc, industry refrigeration efficiency is much more than competing goods not only, but also reduce the weight of air conditioning, greatly improve the comfort of the vehicle, and reduce the maintenance costs, create more benefits for our customers.


Advantage 1: through the renovation of air conditioning duct, the wind resistance is smaller, the wind efficiency is high.


Through the reconstruction of the new wind tunnel, the wind resistance of the original wind tunnel is effectively reduced, and the air volume of the system is further improved, the wind efficiency is improved, and the large air volume of the cab is unimpeded.

Advantage 2: increase evaporator design, refrigeration is better.


The design of evaporator is increased, and the length of evaporator is 41.5mm, which increases the whole evaporator area, greatly improves the performance of evaporator, and makes it more cold and more experient.

Advantage 3: improve the fan control, the fan life is high.


Through the transformation of the air conditioning fan, the original speed regulation resistance is changed to the regulation module, further extending the service life of the air conditioner fan, and the maintenance cost can be reduced.

Advantage 4: out wind mode more, more comfortable.


5 kinds of wind patterns can be selected, according to the man-machine comfortable performance design different orientation of the outlet, effectively improve the air volume distribution, so that the cab without the dead Angle omni-directional ventilation, the ride more cool.

Advantage 5: with the same specification refrigerating quantity highest.


Compared with the foreign and domestic first-class well-known heavy card, SHACMAN single refrigeration and air conditioning refrigerating capacity is significantly higher than other brands, in the industry in a leading position, the large refrigerating capacity to ensure the best comfort.

Advantage 6: cool down faster.


After modification experiments have found that in the case of outside temperature to 36 ° single refrigeration and air conditioning, open after transforming bridge after 30 minutes of average temperature of 23.5 °, and the old air conditioning after temperature down to about 28 ° 45 minutes later, at the same time the outlet out by the old air conditioning wind speed 2.6 m/s to 6.5 m/s, cab cooling faster, air volume is bigger.

Summary of advantages of SHACMAN single refrigeration air conditioning:

1. High cooling capacity and high reliability;

2. Small volume, low energy consumption and excellent quiet level;

3. The air conditioning technology adopts the advanced compressor technology of Japan, and USES advanced all-computer quality testing, which is far more reliable than the domestic industry standard.

4. With industry-leading refrigeration efficiency, the cooling capacity is the largest in the same power, which effectively reduces energy consumption;

5. More comfortable and longer life.