Driving tips, heavy truck fuel economy top 10 tips

Fuel costs are becoming more and more expensive in the freight industry.

Therefore, an oil - saving weight card has become a necessary tool for transport households to make money.In recent years, fuel-efficient heavy card more and more get the welcome of the user, but focuses on vehicle section, oily, and some users have ignored the more important factors for fuel-efficient - that is "people".

To this end, we have collected a wide range of popular oil saving tips for you.Save money, start now, and move on.

1. go on the road, run slowly, plan the route

Urban traffic jams are becoming more and more serious. Every time you drive out of the door, it's better to plan your driving route and don't start your car.Sometimes it's better to walk a few steps to avoid congestion than to get stuck in a long car.In addition, it is more important to pay attention to the road change information, and choose a more recent route to save more oil.

2. the high speed does not open Windows, the air conditioning is moderate

Many motorists think that turning off the air conditioner at high speed can save fuel. In fact, when the speed is over 80km/h, the wind resistance of the open window is more fuel than the air conditioning system consumes.In addition, air conditioning is more than one liter of fuel per 100 kilometers of air conditioning.As a result, try not to turn on the air conditioner when you stop in the city.

3. don't be impatient, go out early

Some owners, especially the young owners, Dally getting up in the morning, no time don't go out, so every time travel anxiously, constant acceleration, kept the brakes, the oil is very fee.

It is suggested that car owners should set aside a little more time, ease the driving, and ease the oil.

4: the tire pressure is not deficient, the wide tire increases the fuel consumption

If the tyre is inflated or inflated, it will increase the fuel consumption and should check the air pressure on the tire regularly.n addition, there are many young people who prefer to refit now, but from the point of view of fuel economy, it is advised not to change the wide tire at will, otherwise the oil consumption will increase with the increase of the wheel resistance.

5: the brakes are not too much, the gas is running quickly

The brake pedal, which is equal to the oil spill, has been hailed by many car owners as the motto of the era of high oil prices.Some car owners like to refuel, according to the study, a fierce refueling and slow refueling to the same speed, the oil consumption difference can reach 112 ml.

Now the city is complicated and should not be jostle for an express train.In addition, the speed of the car is too slow or too fast, which will increase the fuel consumption of the car.In general, the speed of 60 kilometers to 80 kilometers per hour is the most fuel-efficient range, the speed continues to improve and the fuel consumption level is constantly improving.

6: hot car should not be long, slow effect good

When the weather is bad, it will affect the fuel economy of the vehicle to a certain extent, such as the increase of fuel consumption due to the slippery tyre.

High summer temperatures, high thermal radiation and much air conditioning will bring down the technical indicators of the car, leading to an increase in fuel consumption.The owners are advised to stay out of the house in bad weather.Many owners like driving on the road in the morning before hot car for a period of time, but hot car for too long is undoubtedly with their wallets, can not can let the car slow vehicle one or two kilometers to reach the effect on the car.

7: there is no load on the bus, light load on the road

The extra thing can aggravate the weight of the car to increase the fuel consumption, want to save oil, the car owner should not be too lazy, too slovenly, should remember to clean often.In the same way, the fuel tank should not be too full, especially if you are constantly walking in the city, you can add two thirds of the tank of gasoline each time, and keep the light weight down.

8: the car is not rough, engine maintenance

In order to achieve the purpose of fuel economy, the "extensive" car habit can be changed.

In particular, you should carefully "look after" the engine and fix it immediately.

Because no matter the size of the problem, they will reduce the efficiency of the engine and increase the fuel consumption of the car.

9: refueling is not blind, sooner or later the capacity is sufficient

We need to remind motorists that they can get a little more oil in the morning or at night when the temperature is low.In addition, after a night of precipitation, the morning oil is usually pure.

10 no: the engine does not run idle, as little as possible

Avoid engine idling and the engine can run a kilometre without running for 3 minutes.

So think about flameout in queues, traffic jams, or waiting more than a minute.

And don't change lanes often, try to keep straight.