Eight cases of abnormal oil and the solution

Engine is the source of the vehicle, when the engine is running, the oil in the lubrication, bearing, and the function of the heat transfer, once appear, the oil temperature or pressure is unusual, the engine will appear all sorts of problems.

Today I will give you eight common problems and solutions.

Cause one: the oil quantity is insufficient or too much, cause the oil temperature is too high.

Solution: return to normal oil level, preferably between the top and bottom of the oil ruler.

Reason 2: the machine oil pump failure, the pump oil quantity too little, cause the oil pressure insufficient, the heat loss.

Solution: pay attention to the oil pressure gauge and ensure that the oil pump is in normal working condition.

If the fault is found to be recommended to the SHACMAN authorized maintenance station, it is not recommended to disassemble the inspection.

Reason three: the cooling water temperature is too high, can not take the heat in time, cause the oil temperature rise.

Solution: check the water pump and condenser in the cooling system and its pipelines to ensure that the cooling system can work properly.

Reason 4: the oil cooler is blocked, resulting in insufficient pressure.

Solution: check the oil cooler and find out the problem in time.

Reason 5: the oil filter is blocked, the oil will enter the main oil channel directly through the bypass valve, and the impurities will aggravate the engine wear.

Solution: clean the oil filter regularly and replace the filter element to ensure its normal operation.

Reason 6: the piston ring is closed, the air cylinder is leaking, causing the crankcase to air too much, and the oil is discharged with the crankcase ventilation, and the oil quantity is reduced.

Solution: check the seal of piston ring and cylinder, avoid air leakage, and replace the damaged sealing parts in time.

Reason 7: the axial support gap is too large and oil is too much oil.

The oil pressure is too low to form a normal oil film, which increases the abrasion of the bearing.

Solution: ensure that the gap between the shaft and shaft neck is fit for the problem.

8. Excessive engine load, resulting in excessive water temperature and excessive oil temperature.

Solution: avoid overloading the captain's time, and choose the correct low grade to climb the slope.