Do you know about the five exceptions to the brake?

To evaluate the safety of a car, the first thing to think about is the braking distance of the car, the performance of the brake heat decline.If there is a problem with the truck's braking system, it means that the driver is in danger.So when you're driving and hitting the brakes, you're going to have to check the brakes.


Pay attention to the brakes

1. Abnormal sound when braking

When you hit the brakes, the braking system makes a piercing metallic noise.

Braking sound it may exist because thinning of the brake pads, brake pads, potholes, rust etc cause disk of foreign body or pads, usually more than a few feet brakes sound will be alleviated.

2. The trip of the brake pedal gets longer

The straightforward point can be understood to be a soft brake.

The main reason for the longer brake stroke is the entry of air into the brake system, the lack of brake oil, the possibility of leakage, and the serious wear and tear of the brake pads.

3, brake running bias

The phenomenon of the brake running deviation is not very common, mainly reflected in the steering wheel with obvious deflection to the side.


The cause of the brake running bias may be the brake pedal, the brake part pump problem, etc.

4. Hardened brake

Many card friends will encounter the problem that the brake becomes hard, the reason that the brake is hardened mainly has the vacuum booster failure to cause the brake not to help, the frequent step on the brake lead to wait to cause.

5. Bounce on the brakes

A lot of card friends have encountered this situation, brake pedal when pressing the brake pedal has the phenomenon of rebound top foot, this kind of phenomenon is brake disc, brake piece surface uneven, coil deformation wait for result.

Bounce on the brakes

In short, don't be squeamish when braking system appear problem, can do their best to simple initial screening confirmed the problem is not serious, can continue to drive to the repair shop, never ignore the brake safety, because this is related to the peace of all.