Why the maintenance of the original factory fittings

With the increase of mileage and use time, vehicle parts components will have some mechanical wear, in order to ensure the safety and efficient vehicles and parts, operation performance, prolong the service life of vehicles and parts, reduce the number of maintenance, regular maintenance and replacement of related parts, namely we mentioned earlier "in a generation".


Steam shan factory fittings is refers to has been authorized to enter shan steam supply delivery system, the product quality of spare parts supply after steam shan inspection approval, and in a prominent location in the accessories products with steam shan qualified supplier code and the accessories of shan auto parts coding, the accessories no matter from quality, performance is manufactured according to requirements of the vehicle assembly and operation.Instead of the original factory parts often use cheap materials, coarsely, simple production process, only with original factory do "shape" like to deceive shan steam customers eyes, using performance far not reached the standard of original accessories.This kind of accessories for consumers the greatest temptation is cheap, but if use generic parts will cause the use of the vehicle performance, cause great damage to other parts of the vehicle, light person rework repair caused economic losses, or endanger the safety.


Why do mainstream owners love their parts?

Contrast the original car

Original factory accessory -- perfect match, good performance

According to the original factory accessories can models designed to ensure keep identical with new technology condition and quality, each parts and accessories factory assembly line on a new car assembly consistent specifications and quality standards.The perfect match of the car is realized, and the car is excellent.

Non-original factory accessories -- inadequate, matching poor

The design and manufacture of non-original parts of the factory can not be compared with the parts of the original factory, the result is that the matching difference between the parts and the whole car is poor, thus reducing the performance of the vehicle.Moreover, it will corrode and wear the vehicle itself, greatly reducing vehicle safety performance.

The original factory fittings can get the quality certification of the car, the performance is excellent, the operation is reliable.

Non-original parts -- good and bad, difficult to monitor


It is difficult to have strict quality control and guarantee for non-original parts.Some of the original factory parts through the process, change the production materials, reduce the management cost and with low price to enter the market, but the quality is, pose a safety hazard, such as brake piece used inferior product safety parts, consequence will be unimaginable.

The quality of the parts of the original plant is good, the service life is long, can avoid the loss and cost increase of frequent replacement parts.In addition, the quality assurance service of the original factory can also be enjoyed by the purchase of original factory fittings (except for the peri-parts).So, in the long run, choosing the original plant accessories actually saves the owner the cost of the car.

Non-original accessories - short-term savings, additional costs

Using the original factory accessories, saving the parts cost may seem, but it's service life is short,