What do you know about the use of the gearbox?

Transmission is a variable speed device used to coordinate the speed of the engine and the actual speed of the wheel to perform the best performance of the engine.

The transmission can produce a different ratio between the engine and the wheel during the course of the car, which can make the engine work in its optimal power performance.

What are the gearboxes that we can see at present?

How much do you know about the gearbox?

Here are three gearboxes that are commonly used in the following three heavy CARDS.

1. MT manual transmission

The full name of MT is Manual Transmission.

Manual transmission is also called manual transmission.

It can change the gear meshing position in the transmission and change the transmission ratio to achieve the speed change.

When stepping on the clutch, the shift lever can be made.

If the driver is skilled, the car with a manual transmission is faster and more fuel-efficient than the automatic speed change.

The MT gearbox is currently the main use of the main transmission.

Advantages: simple structure, reliable performance, low failure rate, high transmission efficiency and more driving pleasure.

Disadvantages: the operating procedure is troublesome, and it is obvious that the driver is tired when the traffic stops and the traffic jam is jammed.


2. AT automatic transmission

The English full name of AT is Automatic Transmission Automatic Transmission gearbox is composed of hydraulic torsion device, planetary gear and hydraulic control system, and the speed change torque can be achieved through hydraulic Transmission and gear combination.

The hydraulic torque converter is the most important component of AT, which consists of the pump wheel, turbine and guide wheel, and has the function of transmitting torque and disconnecting.


Advantages: easy operation, comfortable driving, reduce the fatigue of the driver.

Disadvantage: the transmission efficiency is not high, drag the oil consumption.

3. AMT mechanical automatic transmission

The full name of AMT is Automated Mechanical Transmission.

Mechanical automatic transmission.

It can also be seen as an automatic manual gearbox, which is equipped with an electronic control hydraulic control system in the usual manual transmission and clutch to achieve the automatic switching gear.

AMT is actually made up of a robot system to complete the operation clutch and choose two actions, its core technology is a microcomputer system, electronic technology and the quality will directly determine the performance of AMT and operation quality.


Advantages: convenient operation, high efficiency of transmission, excellent safety performance, intelligent switch, oil saving, prolong the service life of clutch and transmission, and low maintenance cost.

Disadvantages: the AMT gearbox is difficult to achieve the perfect "semi-linkage" when it is on the slope and at low speed, so the sense of frustration is slightly stronger.