Stirring car maintenance guide

For maintenance of mixers, believe most owners have a certain understanding, some novice owners friends also is not very understanding, mixing car maintenance is a must, today to share some mixers and maintenance guide, novice owners see come over.



1. The new car should be used for 1 ~ 2 weeks, and the connecting bolt and riding bolt of the auxiliary beam and the main beam shall be tightened, and shall be tightened once every half month.

2. The new car should be used for 1 ~ 2 weeks. Check the retaining bolt, oil pump flanges, and whether the shaft connecting bolt will be loosened once a month after loosening.

3. Hydraulic oil and deceleration oil should be replaced in new car for 100 days or so.

The hydraulic system should use the no.68 abrasion hydraulic oil.

The cold region recommends using hydraulic fluid 46.

The speed reducer USES the 90th weight gear oil, which is recommended to use imported shell and other quality oil products.

4, before each car should check the position of the hydraulic oil, oil level higher than 2 ~ 3 ㎝ advisable;

5. The whole pump should check the oil level of the hydraulic oil system once a month and the oil level should go to the bolt mouth;

6, the place that has the yellow oily mouth should dozen once weekly butter, assure normal lubrication.

In addition, the combination of the tug and the raceway should be added to the butter in 3 ~ 4 days.


7. The whole pump (without the fuel tank of a reducer) shall be used for engine oil using SAE15W ~ 40;

8. After each stirring, the control handle must be stopped in the middle position by stirring, turning and stirring, and then perform the next action after the mixer stops rotating.

When the handle reaches the extreme position, it cannot continue to force the pump to prevent the death of the pump.

9. Clean the stirring tube inside and outside every time you accept the work, so as to ensure that the stirring cylinder does not accumulate quickly.

If the unloading time is more than 2 ~ 3 hours in the site, the inside of the mixer should also be cleaned;

10. When washing the car, you should pay attention to the high pressure water should not be used to flush the flange sealing ring of the reducer, so as to avoid damage to grease;

11. For a period of time, check the integrity of the hopper sealing skin. If the wear and tear should be changed in time, it is easy to cause the cylinder or inlet to wear out.