How dangerous is the use of truck air conditioners?

In summer and winter, many truckers are interested in "air conditioning".

So, do old drivers know how to use the cab air conditioning?

Today, let's talk about the use of air conditioning in the cab.


(1) the air conditioning switch is exquisite

Is it to stall first or to turn off the air conditioner?

Many drivers often turn off the air conditioning after they have died.

In fact, this practice is very harmful!Turning off the air conditioning before turning off the air conditioner is harmful to the engine, as it starts at the next time the vehicle starts to carry the air conditioning load, which can damage the engine.Best practice: in a few minutes before turn off to the destination, so that we can open the natural wind, the rise and the temperature of the air duct to eliminate temperature difference with the outside world, to keep the air conditioning system is relatively dry, avoid mold reproduction.And you should also turn on the air conditioning after the vehicle starts two or three minutes and the engine is lubricated.

Some drivers do not pay attention to the wind direction when they turn on the air conditioner, thus affecting the air conditioning effect.Because of the physics of hot air rising and cold air sinking, it is recommended that the driver should turn out the air outlet properly when opening the air conditioner, and then turn the air outlet under the proper direction when turning on the heating.

(2) air conditioning use time has been said

A lot of drivers are always a car to open air conditioning, and the long time use air conditioning, can increase the condenser pressure greatly, increase the refrigeration system to wear greatly thereby.

Therefore, the use of air conditioning should not be too long, when the temperature in the car reaches a comfortable temperature, the air conditioning can be closed for a while, and then the air conditioning can be re-opened.

(3) internal and external circulation needs to be switched

In hot weather, many car owners are used to turning on the inside of the air conditioner as soon as they enter the car. It is believed that this can bring the temperature down a bit faster inside the car.It is wrong to do so because the temperature in the car is higher than the temperature outside the car, so it is not effective.As the inner loop is the circulation of the air in the car, the car containing oxygen gradually reduce, when the gas cylinder combustion is unsafe, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide may leak into the carriage, resulting in the car air is getting worse.Therefore, it is suggested that the drivers should keep the air conditioning cycle in a while, and then switch to the external circulation to activate the ventilation.

(4) don't sleep with air-conditioning

Some people in order to alleviate fatigue, park, along the road closed doors and Windows, open air conditioning, "enjoy" the cool and comfortable, in fact this is a very dangerous thing, because the engine at work, such as incomplete combustion gas in the cylinder, can produce high levels of carbon monoxide, which can lead to poisoning and even death.Therefore, it is not suitable for air conditioning to sleep in the car in order to avoid danger.

(5) air volume control

Most of the car owners mistakenly think that the air conditioner will be a drain on the maximum, so you will try to keep the wind down.

Actually otherwise, the air conditioning in use process, tend to be sucked into a dust, dirt to form, for a long time, mildew will happen, if is given priority to with small wind for a long time, it is difficult to blow air conditioning in fouling out, it will influence your body's health.

Therefore, every once in a while, the air conditioning should be driven to the maximum, about 10 minutes or so can effectively eliminate the dust accumulation.

(6) air conditioning, not smoking

Some people stop to rest or in the car, open air conditioning, smoke in the car, but doing so is harmful to the health of the people inside the car, because the door is closed, smoke not to go out, naturally can stimulate your eyes and respiratory system.

Therefore, parking the air conditioner is harmful, smoking is harmful to health, and it is important to adjust the air conditioning control system to the "discharge" position.

Truck air conditioning usage, in every way way too much, hope this little knowledge to help the old drivers change the car air conditioning using habit, whether it is on the car or the people are a lot of good, also please old drivers to his peers look, above the driver friends out of the air conditioning use these misunderstanding!