How does the steering wheel tremble? We have to look for the reasons from the steering system

Steering wheel jitter is a common problem in truck market, reason is more complex, our friend closely around card this example, give a little directional opinions and Suggestions, hoping to help friends to have similar problems of card.


The possible causes of steering wheel jitter are summarized

The reason for the wobble of the steering wheel is usually from the steering mechanism, which is a line that starts from the steering wheel and ends with the tire.

The driver controls the direction of the vehicle by turning the steering wheel. Likewise, the wheel and the tire that receives the force from the ground will also pass to the steering wheel and be perceived by the driver.

The reason for the wobble of the steering wheel is that:

1. Tire tread, which leads to tire loss;

2. The wheel is out of circle and may be caused by the external impact of the driving process;

3. Brake agitating imbalance;

4. Wheel and tire assembly rotation imbalance;

Friends here want to remind you card, remember to do dynamic balance after changed a new tires, because in the tyre, the dynamic balance of the entire rotating assembly may change, so it is necessary to do balance testing.

Some of the bolts on the carpal wheels don't care, but they will also create a dynamic imbalance, causing the jitter in high speed.

5. Misappropriateness before the front wheel;

6. Improper tilt of the main pin.


Of course, the reason of the steering wheel wobble must not be limited to the aspects listed above, but as long as follow the transmission line to find, it should be able to quickly find the crux of the problem.

When meeting a problem, the card friends must hold fast to the source of the problem, find the key of the question.

Just like the steering wheel jitter, it's important to check the entire drive system.

Of course, there's no way to rule out problems with other systems.

To be familiar with, it is not to be ill.

The car is also the same, some problems are unavoidable, the card friends should think carefully, this is helpful for identifying the problem.

In addition, the card friends also more careful attention in the process of normal transport vehicles of all kinds of small problems, the veterinarian at the same time also can quickly find a solution in the wake of a problem, to avoid the economic losses from the parking and grasping.