How to match the tyre pattern

The performance of the tire directly determines the control and stability of the vehicle, especially the trailer tyre.

How does the tire pattern match with caryou khan's fire for newly purchased trailers for aluminum alloy wheels?


The tread pattern of the tire is on the tire tread, which has transverse, longitudinal and oblique features, which are in the groove of rule and non-rule arrangement.In addition to the tire of the all-optical headtire (no pattern on the tread), the normal tire tread will be arranged according to different designs and grooves to meet the needs of various roads.


In order to satisfy the latest standard of gb1589-2016, it is mainly used for the high speed and provincial highway.

It is equipped with four longitudinal pattern of trailer tyre, also known as shun hua tire.



Because the trailer wheels is follow up, do not have the function of the steering and driving, khan fire to choose suitable flower of tires can aim is to minimize the vehicle driving resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption to reduce costs, and special tires have a higher wear resistance.

Secondly, the smooth tire can resist the transverse scraping, reduce the chance of the tyre side slip, and ensure the safety of the driving.


When we are in a normal sports car, the trailer carries most of the weight, should choose the tire with hard material, also can reduce the wear of the tread to a certain extent.

In addition, the structure of the steel wire girder inside the trailer is also more special, which has a better performance in the anti-puncture, anti-collision and anti-impact.


Not familiar with the pattern of tyres, you will be able to match the trailer with a generic tyre.

The general type tire can be divided into three longitudinal lines and four longitudinal lines according to the number of groove, but should be used to choose the three longitudinal grain tire when used on the wheel.

Because compared to the four longitudinal rib tire, the three longitudinal lines have a larger touching area, and a more generous tire shoulder, with better anti-wear ability.


If used on the trailer, it is easy to overwear on both sides of the tread.

In addition, three streaking general-purpose tire if used on the steering wheel, so under the high speed, can reduce the vehicle's ability to resist lateral spreads, so three streaking general-purpose tire should avoid to use on the steering wheel.


The tire is one of the most easily worn parts of the vehicle, and this time the fire is a new trailer with a brand new flat tire, and the tire has been tested for a long time.

The wear of the tires will be checked separately after the vehicle runs to 5, 10, and 200,000km.

In addition to model and size, the pattern of tire also has a big difference when collocation.

Reasonable selection can not only save more cost, but also improve the safety of driving.

The performance of the vehicle is the most important to reduce the economic loss caused by frequent tire replacement.