How to skillfully manipulate shacman heavy truck

                   How to skillfully manipulate SHACMAN heavy truck 

The characteristics of driving trucks first need to know:Large weight, big inertia, high center of gravity, centrifugal force big, long body, occupy the space position, and long wheelbase, inside the wheel, brake dish of fast response and direction, gear and small gear clearance。All in all, more complex than by car operation, more intense. So, if we can have some skills for reference card the friends, driving up would be easier。

Commonly used driving skills

When you Started, clutch, throttle, hand brake with accuracy,Especially the hand brake timing, uphill started, the clutch to light put, the gas a little bigger,Truck is a start is greater than the car power, it is easier to start,To shift gears in a timely manner, can't drag files, especially uphill shift down guarantee reserve power ahead of schedule,Another shift clutch with two feet. Slide downhill hang low gear, avoid by all means is neutral.Turning to the curve according to the sharp turn early on to take the appropriate angle, fully consider the difference in the round, that turn big bend, reduce centrifugal force effect.

Brake can not be continuous point brake, pay attention to pressure, to prevent out of control,Due to the rapid reaction of air brake, to practice more, master,The direction of the truck around about 3.5 laps, so to practice a lot of pull, can not rub the steering wheel like a car,Parking, reversing to fully consider the trajectory of the truck, the space position.Overtaking to choose the right time, there is plenty of room, do not hit the direction.

How to shift the transmission to make the best performance?

1.Shift operation, the clutch pedal to step in place to make the clutch completely separated

2.After parking, the transmission must be returned to neutral position, the transmission may not be put into gear on the vehicle.

3.When the transmission from the low block to the high gear shift, do not jump block operation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the synchronizer

4.According to the situation of the road, using 1 block or the start of the 2 block. Even if the Truck is in a state of no use, do not use a higher gear start

5.When the vehicle starts, should first stop the parking brake. Check whether the air pressure to meet the use requirements, otherwise the transmission will not play a role

6.When the truck is in the process of driving, it is found that the transmission has abnormal noise or shift is very difficult, should immediately stop and check the troubleshooting and then continue to use.

7.Gear transmission has to reduce the transmission loss of lubricating oil, cooling the friction heat, the purpose of the noise of the transmission,Let users to use at least 80 w / 90 (GL - 4) or 85 w / 90 (GL - 5) level of gear lubrication oil,Encourage users to use the high quality lubricant,Every 20000 km or use one year, namely the change of a gear lubricant.

8. Internal gear transmission and synchronizer belong to precision parts and components, users do not remove or modified.