Season change SHACMAN teaches you how to maintain your beloved truck

Seasonal changes, temperature changes, people are easy to catch cold and ill, the truck is also so, if the daily does not maintain well, the small hair will eventually become a major failure.

Bodywork: not just for aesthetics

The dust in the natural environment, wind and rain give the car the paint caused a small injury, thorough cleaning is necessary.

As the trucks will paint oxidation due to sunlight, seasons, it is best to do a car surface from cleaning, polishing wax, sealing glaze or coating and a series of beauty maintenance, these can be primer for auto car or car maintenance.

Interior: clean and disinfect the smell

Interior is absolutely the best embodiment of the owner's taste. Many truck drivers don't pay attention to their "mobile home" and don't pay attention to hygiene, which is very bad.

During the season, the car mainly carries out a new "cleaning" for the interior of the vehicle.

Dashboards need to use a variety of different thickness of wood or a ruler, to repair the head into different styles such as oblique triangle, rectangle, or pointed, then wrapped it in a clean cloth and cleaning the dashboard, clean the dust, with a special instrument a spray wax, a few seconds the dashboard will be very clean.

Air conditioning: thorough cleaning is very important

In the air conditioning condenser and water tank network, a lot of impurities, do not clean up in time, will shorten the air conditioning service life, and it is easy to breed bacteria, cause the car smell to produce the mold spot.

In this environment for a long time, people can feel dizziness, nausea and even respiratory diseases.

Therefore, the user should make a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner on a regular basis. After cleaning, it is suggested to replace the new air conditioning filter or clean the original filter and then put it back in place.

Engine: carefully check the oil, brake oil, antifreeze fluid

After a period of time, especially after going out on a long drive, the engine will deposit a layer of sludge.

Over time, engine fuel consumption increases, power decreases, and even damage to the engine.

During the changing season, the engine should be cleaned.

At the same time, should check the oil of the engine compartment, brake fluid and antifreeze, whether the oil is enough, whether the metamorphic, whether the replacement cycle, the oil is like a car's blood, the replacement cycle, must change, to ensure the flow of the oil circulation.

Tire: to be timely replenishing the tyre pressure

Tires are the "feet" of trucks, which play a significant role in the safety of vehicles.

In summer, because of the high temperature, the tire pressure should not be too high, otherwise, there will be a risk of puncture.

In autumn and winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the tire pressure should be added to the tire to maintain the pressure range.

It is better to keep a barometer, test the tire pressure regularly, and inflate the tire in time.

However, the tread on the surface of the tire should not be ignored, and the use time will make the tread gradually shallow, so the tyres should be checked, repaired or replaced in time.

Battery: notice the green oxide in the wiring

Truck battery electrode connection is one of the most vulnerable place, if found to have green oxide electrode connection and be sure to wash it in boiling water, if you don't hedge these green oxide, can make the battery in a state of loss of electricity, serious when may be out of the car.

Blow dry, then blow dry, spray to prevent oxidation layer protective agent to protect.

Chassis: maintenance focuses on derusting

After contact with rain, it is easy to rust and affect driving safety.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove the rust of the chassis and check whether the chassis has the phenomenon of shaving, screw shedding and so on.

In the daily car wash, be careful not to use alkaline cleaner, washing powder and so on wash body and chassis, otherwise will affect the rust prevention effect and shorten the time of rust prevention.