Major logistics trends in 2018

Logistics industry, as a complex industry, including transportation, warehousing, ZhuangXieYe, packaging, processing PeiSongYe, logistics, information, etc., broad scope, involving areas, if only from a corner to analyze logistics industry, as here, hard to see the whole picture. Therefore, we must select some valuable from the multi-party data, and combine the development trajectory of macro economy and world logistics to see the major logistics trend of 2018. Fundamentals: rapid growth, steady and good.

According to the China federation of logistics and purchasing released November 1 - logistics operation, according to data from November 1, 2017, the national social logistics amount is RMB 229.9 trillion (up 6.7%), and the number has more than 2016, the year 2016, 2017, still keep stabilization in the slow and steady to good basic situation.

According to the development law of the global logistics industry, China's logistics industry is in the growing period of rapid development.


"National medium and long-term science and technology development plan for 2006-2020" puts forward the strategic target of constructing an innovative country in 2020, at the same time, 19 report clearly pointed out that to speed up the construction of an innovative country. The development of modern logistics industry is the need to actively innovation, innovation is to promote the birth of the fourth party logistics and fourth party logistics with functions of chain management, as an independent system, can make the whole process of logistics performance, to reduce logistics costs, resource integration.

In 2018, it will be a highly innovative year for China's logistics industry, with BAT and capital pouring into the logistics platform, and state-owned enterprises and industry giants are also making efforts. In addition to the fourth party logistics, international logistics information platform, Shared international logistics, green logistics, wisdom, energy international logistics is the future development trend of international logistics industry, such as these will be on the stage of China's logistics in 2018.

In December 2017, in a new generation of global logistics summit, the President of China federation of logistics and purchasing the dawn to the situation and future trend of the logistics industry development in our country are analyzed and prospected, he said: the future period, China's logistics industry will enter to the quality and efficiency of ascension as the core of new stage of development, must adhere to deepen the reform of the supply side structural, reduce the whole industry chain logistics cost, improve the quality of logistics supply, completes the authors synergistic "subtraction", continuously strengthen the competitive power of the real economy.

In the face of many favorable policies, "reducing the efficiency and efficiency" has become the New Year's logistics keyword, and the main melody of the logistics industry in 2018.

Research report of China logistics technology industry released by iresearch in 2017 indicates that the development of logistics industry has experienced the process of artificial production, mechanization, automation and wisdom. The proportion of artificial production decreases gradually, and the equipment and facilities in the logistics process are gradually automated, but the gap is larger in general compared with the developed countries such as the United States and Germany. The introduction of industry 4.0 emphasizes the use of the information system to digitize and intelligentize the supply, manufacturing and sales information in production, and finally achieve a fast, effective and personalized product supply. For logistics technology, the integration of traditional and emerging technology, with the Internet, big data, cloud computing, Internet and other modern information technology improve logistics intelligent degree, enhancing supply chain flexibility.

With the rapid development of information technology, especially the maturity of cloud computing and Internet of things technology, the emergence of smart logistics industry, which is marked by big data application, has been promoted.

Big data technology is still in the transition phase of technology germination and expected expansion, and once maturity is the easiest technology to harvest. The advent of the big data era, not only the technological change, but also the change of thinking, will be followed by the change of business model.

Logistics information sharing between enterprises, highly symmetrical, causing vehicles, goods the idle and waste of resources, therefore has given rise to a lot of car goods matching information platform and APP, and these data accumulation of precipitation is still a long way to go. Through big data, we can realize efficient matching of car goods, reduce idling loss, optimize transportation routes, reduce pollution, and build green logistics.

Now countries are actively advocating "Internet + efficient logistics", as the big data and cloud computing, Internet of things technology, artificial intelligence technology matures, logistics industry will benefit, motion, jingdong, etc will continue to lead the logistics enterprise; The development of third party/fourth party logistics enterprises such as cainiao and express bird, with big data as the guidance, can promote the industrial upgrading and promote the linkage and sharing of resources in the industry.

2018 will mark the explosive development of logistics technology, it is conceivable that a third party/flowers of fourth party logistics enterprises, the industrial structure, this year's logistics circle must be brilliant.