Not negligible transmission maintenance.

Many user friends know the engine maintenance cycle and oil change model, but how does the transmission maintain you clear?

Today we will share the maintenance experience of the transmission.

The strength of the gearbox in the long term does not change the strength of the parts.


Gear figure)

Look at the picture above. The gears have been overworn and even some teeth are broken.

In addition to the driving operation and vehicle condition, the main reason for such damage is the long-term failure to change the gearbox oil.In the event of the above situation, the gearbox can for overhaul, bad teeth because of no oil change for a long time, no other damage gear seems ok, but in fact gear strength has been affected by a certain, finally the transmission will be damaged.If high and low block bearing damage is very serious.


(bearing diagram)

In addition to the damage to the gear, it is also a fatal blow to the gear bearing, especially the gearbox with the auxiliary box.

Because of the small clearance between the high and low gear and the input shaft, the auxiliary box bearings are mostly needle roller bearings.Once the bearing damage, the basic can only rely on overhaul, and need to replace a full set of prefabricated matching parts, including lose one axis, high quality, high and low gear synchronizer, not only expensive and maintenance time is long, affects vehicle attendance.Change the oil in time to understand the gear oil specification.


SHACMAN USES a well-known Chinese fast gearbox, which has an oil change period of one year or 100 thousand kilometers. If the operating condition is bad, it is recommended to change oil in about 80,000 kilometers.

That is to say, the average engine is maintained twice, the gearbox is changed to oil once, and the gearbox oil is 85W/ 90gl-5 gear oil.Note that other models are not recommended, because the gearbox is made of copper, and some oils contain additives such as manganese, which can damage the copper dials.I hope that your friends can pay attention to the above maintenance methods, so as to make the car safe.