Notice on snow day high speed driving

How much should the snow day go?

In the eyes of many driver friends, the high speed of snow day is an awkward thing. On one hand, there are speed limits on the highway, too slow to run.On the other hand, it's not safe to run too fast.Let's take a look at some of the tips and precautions about driving on a snowy day.


According to experts, the adhesion coefficient of snow and ice pavement is 0.1 or 0.2, which is very different from that of dry pavement adhesion coefficient 0.7 or 0.8.

If you are traveling at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, the braking distance of the dry road will be more than 30 meters, while the braking distance of the ice and snow will be more than 150 meters.Because of the low adhesion coefficient, the traffic safety law requires the car to slow down on snow and ice roads.Also, the causes of low speed include a problem of visibility.

The visibility of snow day is low, the distance that the eye can see, the speed must be proportional to the distance.Visibility is less than 200 meters and the vehicle speed should be less than 60 kilometers.Visibility is less than 100 meters, speed should be less than 40 kilometers, visibility is less than 50 meters, speed should be less than 20 kilometers, and drive out of the highway.


1. Starting in the snow is also a problem that cannot be ignored.

For the automatic car, just open the snow mode, and the manual shift of the car suggests two starts.The principle is as high and low as snow mode, which can ease off the slippery surface on slippery surfaces and help you control the vehicle in the snow more easily.

Of course, the snow mode is not so simple, it also includes the opening of the throttle and the response of the gearbox.

2. Driving on the highway in winter, maintaining the distance is also important.

In particular, the resistance of snow and ice pavement is very small, and the speed must be controlled at any time when the ice road turns or downhill.When you need to accelerate or decelerate, the acceleration should be slow to avoid slipping.The driver should be more than twice the distance of the previous car according to the terrain, speed and load.

3. Although sunglasses and other colored glasses may hinder the driving, the exception is snow day.Snow walking highway, had been a lot of dazzling, wear appropriate colored glasses, pay attention to proper rest, can prevent glare, also can prevent eye fatigue, is conducive to a better outlook in front of the situation.It is to maintain a good mentality, and not to be impatient to meet the sudden situation calmly to get to the destination safely.

4. The fast speed of the next snow day is not a quick brake.One of the things that you can sometimes ignore, that's the brakes, is pretty dangerous.Snow days, especially when the brakes are in high speed, can easily lead to skidding or rear-end, even if the vehicle has ABS or ESP, the risk factor is still high.Therefore, it is safer to slowly turn the brakes on, i.e. to brake gently, and to lift the feet and then point a few more.