The SHACMAN gold power assembly secret


1. Large torque and low speed engine

Vehicles need to be driven by a certain driving force, and the driving force for starting and climbing is greater.In order to ensure the driving force of normal driving and the oil consumption, the friction loss of diesel engine is 50% to 60% of the total loss, the lower the speed, the lower the friction, the lower the fuel consumption.In order to reduce the speed and ensure sufficient power, the torque must be increased (power = RPM), and the increase of torque must increase the displacement and increase the horsepower.The gold version of the WP13 engine output torque of 2400-2550n. M, the maximum torque explosion speed is low to 950rpm, fully consistent with the transport requirements under the new environment.


2. Direct transmission gearbox

Transmission function lies in the regulation of speed, and its essence is to adjust the vehicle's comprehensive ratio, using direct shift transmission, in the case of user demand speed can effectively reduce the transmission system of rotating speed, and higher transmission efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of fuel-efficient.

F12 + 3.7 + 2.846 speed ratio and F12A comprehensive ratio differences of each gear ratio are extremely small, to say the same gear can reach the speed of the basic same, but the F12 + 2.846 speed ratio of matching the speed of the drive system to reduce 20%, nearly lossless transmission power (top speed ratio of 1), higher transmission efficiency, reduce energy consumption of fuel.


3. Small ratio

With the rapid development of logistics industry, the user's profit way changes, transportation guarantee a single pass before profit, now transport the pursuit of more comprehensive transportation profit, demand for transport efficiency improved, vehicle running speed is increased to 80-90 km/h, and only a small ratio of bridge can meet the requirements of users for the speed..