Shaanxi automobile X3000 8x4 dump truck, you deserve it


   Shaanxi automobile dumper has always been leading the industry demand trend, and the rigorous product design concept has cast the market influence of shaanxi automobile, and the launch of X3000 dumper has set a new benchmark for the industry. Today we will look at the core advantages of X3000 8x4 dumper.


1. Strong and efficient

  Matching the industry's strongest power, maximum torque, strong starting ability, fast acceleration, no reduction in gear climbing slope, transportation efficiency industry's best, making more money. High horsepower reduces the engine to medium load, fuel economy is obviously improved, saving much.


2. Top loading

  850x320 (8+7+8)mm three-layer beam industry strongest frame, high strength suspension system, enhanced rim + transmission shaft, all-around super load bearing, so that the vehicle carrying capacity industry is the best.


3. Safe and reliable

  The unique double-relay valve in the industry can shorten the actual braking time from pedal to wheel by increasing the air pressure establishment speed of brake chamber by 24% and the braking distance by 3.5%. Two-stage protection for dry tank + oil and water separation, 100% oil removal and water removal, improving gas cleanliness and ensuring braking safety.


4. Accurate control

  120 mm bore turning machine, 120 n. m industry maximum output torque, maximum Angle of 46 °, minimum turning decreased diameter 2.7 m, well run. The center of gravity of the whole vehicle is the lowest in the industry, which can effectively reduce the centrifugal force of the vehicle in turning and bumpy road surface and fully meet the precise control of complex working conditions.


  Every point is the demand of the customers, and every point is a masterpiece of devotion. Every point reflects the spirit of shaanxi automobile people to keep improving. X3000 8x4 dump truck, you deserve it!