The L3000 is the first truck type introduced by shaanxi steam.Truck X3000, at this point, shan steam L3000 and M3000 three strains, all is the new truck, means shan steam on the product structure and product level, realized the "full series, full coverage" core competitiveness.


In the form of the L3000's cab, the X3000 style retains a lot of heavy card design elements.Compared with the old models in the market, the L3000 has a high degree of recognition


L3000 based on chassis general into design, dynamic equipped with weichai, yuchai YC4EG WP6 engine engine, method and 6 ds70ta - D / 8 js85t, Wan Liyang ZFWLY6G70 gearbox and handler, 3.364 4.875 speed ratio, vanda rear axle.




The whole system adopts the 4.8-ton disc brake front axle, the front axle hub adopts the unit bearing to realize 500,000km long maintenance, the reliability increases the maintenance cost.

In the safety aspect, the cab of the L3000 truck adopts the keel structure, which is the leading level of the platform.It can satisfy the European ECE - R29 collision regulation, such as the front pendulum collision, A column and the top crushing, and the collision is not deformed and the resonance is small.


A berth in the aspect of interior, 645 mm, large multimedia display, four of the steering wheel design, sedan shifting handle, knob switch type air conditioning, combined-type door control switch, become warped plate switch keys of type decorate, is rich in more humanized design, simple and convenient operation.The design of the third seat, the middle seat can be rolled down, the water cup, the sundry and so on