There is no shortage of new cars in China's heavy truck market, especially in this year's booming sales background.But which car is the user most want?Most expected?What is the best user demand?This time, in the case of shanxi auto, which has a unique advantage in the industry, it is said.

According to the China truck net reporter understanding, shan steam heavy card in early complete X3000 series of high-end products to upgrade X3000 gold version, after this time will be aimed at the main "affordable" brand M3000 series, and will be held in July 18 shan steam heavy card years marketing released ahead of the g8 summit calderon new M3000 2017 product, the product is easy to upgrade, or comprehensive completely-new?Can the economic products of many industries, such as coal, daily industrial products and green tong, be able to lift the voice of Chinese trucks again and bring about yet another experience of value upgrading?


Can be seen from the official propaganda posters, new M3000 make significant changes in appearance, have been active in complex environment, such as coal, daily industrial products of M3000, delong ever give a person a kind of "bear hardships and stand hard work," uncle image, then "suddenly turn hostile" after the new M3000 look absolutely change from "uncle" s "fresh meat", and from the point of spy rendering, has shan steam generation flagship shan steam HD shadow, more stylish.

At the same time, according to the China truck network reporter understanding, we are seeing the modelling of change is the new M3000 four glory upgrade on the one hand, the product will also according to the present transportation environment and user needs in the aspects such as power, value and service in full swing, including the industry's longest 100000 kilometers, 500000 km from maintenance of rear axle oil change cycle, reduce the wind resistance coefficient 0.1, largest horsepower and similar products industry wide berth, driving at extreme comfort...Have you ever been tempted to upgrade your heart strings?

Don't try so hard, on July 17, new M3000 calderon will listed in 2017, at the appointed time with four big glory of hold up person, certainly will will bring glory to the user experience value, remains to be seen, at the same time the new M3000 will also synchronization in traction, trucks, dump comprehensive, inject fresh vitality for Chinese heavy card market.