SHACMAN's new car use method, you know?(一)

I. precautions for new car use.

1. The engine speed should not exceed 70% of the rated speed of the engine in the initial 3000 km,    and the engine tachometer should be observed when driving, so as not to overspeed the engine.

2. Within 3000 km of the initial drive, no trailer shall be carried, and the vehicle quality shall    not exceed 70% of the rated vehicle quality.

3. The grinding period should be on a smooth and smooth road.

4. Replace the gear in time and smoothly engage the clutch to avoid sudden acceleration and        emergency braking.

Precautions for new car use:

1. Don't accelerate the cold engine immediately after starting. Only when it reaches normal operating temperature can the engine speed be increased.

2. Change into low gear before going uphill, do not allow the engine to work at low speed.

3. Tighten the wheel nuts with the required torque after the initial 50 km and each time the wheels are changed.

The use of special institutions.

1.Purpose: the commonly used three frequency polymorphism switch, namely: no load, medium load, heavy load.More energy-efficient power switch is usually referred to as "polymorphic switch", the driver can be based on the current state of the vehicle load, choosing the right gear the engine work in the most economic work area, so as to realize the purpose of reducing fuel consumption.

2.Use ignition key switch:

0 means insert or pull out the key position, the engine flameout.The R bit indicates that the engine is out of fire and the power supply is supplied to the recorder.


Caution: do not turn off the ignition key switch when driving.

1.Turn on the ignition switch to switch on the main switch of the battery

2.The position of the key during the driving period.

3.The position of the starting engine.


3. The use of the differential lock: lock, drive axle hat there speed when the wheel skid or stick in the mud, using differential lock can improve the car through sex, differential lock including differential lock between wheel and bridge between the differential lock.

Note for differential lock use:


• when the inter-wheel differential lock indicator is still on, the vehicle cannot turn.

In principle, the interbridge differential lock should be first joined, and the differential lock of the reconnecting wheel.

Passed the bad road, a car, should immediately remove differential lock, relax the throttle, step on the clutch, the differential lock up plate switch back in situ, become warped plate switch after lights out differential lock function is lifted.