SHACMAN super fuel economy technology.

As the truck operating environment becomes more and more strict, customers are paying more and more attention to the fuel consumption of vehicles. In some market segments, fuel consumption has become the core standard for customers to select vehicles.After years of research, SHACMAN combined with weiqi and other supporting enterprises to conduct the calibration and verification of fuel economy, and achieved the SHACMAN super fuel economy technology.


Super fuel-efficient technology mainly through three ways to do this, the optimum power matching, engine fuel system optimization, high-speed aerodynamic optimization, the vehicle fuel integrated 2.1 L/hundred kilometers.

  1. SHACMAN conducted road condition collection for the main logistics trunk operation in the country, and formulated the optimal dynamic matching scheme through the analysis of the big data of the day, so that the fuel economy of the vehicles reached 0.8l.


2. The optimization of engine combustion system, the application of friction reduction technology and the matching of core energy consumption components make the whole vehicle save 0.8l.


3. Through the optimization of the intake and exhaust system and the vehicle diversion technology, the low rolling group tire, low viscosity lubricating oil and other transmission system reducing resistance technology are adopted to realize the comprehensive saving of 0.5L.


Truck fuel is a systems engineering, and is not achieved overnight, SHACMAN through years of exploration and research, based on the actual operation condition of the vehicle, through data analysis, strengthening the fuel consumption of the product.After years of accumulation, it has led the industry to lead the proprietary technology, let every drop of oil to the acme.