SHACMAN sweet service: autumn and winter season, remember to 4S shop maintenance love truck!

Twinkling of an eye, is drawing to a close in October, as a truck driver in you feel bigger temperature gap between day and night, need to increase the clothes at the same time, your car has entered the season of change garments according to the maintenance, as a transition between summer and winter, autumn vehicles after high temperature and rain will face the test of low temperature and wind and snow, small make up remind you prepare to change garments according to the maintenance of vehicles, nip in the bud, reduce the traffic problems in winter.

1.Check all kinds of oil

Into winter, often should check the engine compartment, booster pump oil, antifreeze, brake fluid such as liquid level within the normal range, but also pay attention to observe surface color is normal, whether to change cycle.

In addition to some owners in the summer may be due to some urgent reasons directly use tap water instead of antifreeze, will enter the winter there is a big hidden trouble, once encounter temperatures in weather, most likely affect the normal work of the automobile cooling system, so must change back to antifreeze as soon as possible.

2.Inspection of vehicle tyres

The safety of the tyre is self-evident, because the working environment is different in the autumn and winter, so it is necessary to check the tire in advance.

In the summer heat, the tire pressure is relatively low to prevent the tire from exploding, and the tire pressure should be properly added in autumn to keep it within the prescribed pressure range.

In addition to pay attention to check the tires for scratches, tires in winter easy to harden and low temperature brittleness increases, some not obvious scratch before there will be increasing, the hidden danger of leakage, affects the driving safety, so must be carefully check.

3.Check the defrosting vents

The weather turns cool, the temperature is low and there is frost, and the windshield defrost is ignored by many car owners.

If defrost function is abnormal, it will give great influence to the driver's field of vision, this will bring many unsafe factors for driving, so it is important to pay special attention to test the windshield defrost outlet under the wind is normal, the quantity of heat is enough, if there is a problem, must solve in time, to check whether there is sundry, outlet position if there is sundry, want to clear in time!

Check the vehicle battery

Car battery electrode connection, is the most problematic vehicles to enter the winter, check if found to have green oxide electrode connection and must deal with as soon as possible, because the green oxide can lead to deficiency of generator, the battery is in a state of loss of electricity, serious when still can cause dead batteries.

The electrolyte can not be deficient in the battery. If the battery cannot recharge, it can easily crack in the cold and prevent the vehicle from starting. Therefore, it is recommended to check the status of the battery regularly.

Change garments according to the maintenance also involves the engine, air conditioning, the respect such as pipeline maintenance, it themselves more difficult for the general owners, suggested that no matter how busy all want to take time to the formal professional inspections on the 4 s shop, shan steam heavy card I wish you both.