SHACMAN teaches you how to tell if oil should be changed!

SHACMAN talking to you about the oil change!

One, the oil becomes black is normal

Now used engine oil contains detergent-dispersants commonly, absorption of carbon deposit and oil oxide, so that when the oil change out, thus ensuring the engine inside clean.So, the oil that has just changed is black not necessarily because the inside of the engine is too dirty, just change the oil according to the regulation time.If an oil is black in its use, it shows that the oil does not function properly


The cleaning effect of the second and 10,000 kilometers is the best

Oil has a strong ability to clean.Through circulation, it can dissolve the carbide, sludge and metal particles in the engine parts.The new oil will turn from yellow to dark yellow in just five minutes.After 500 kilometers, the oil will be completely black.In fact, the quality of the oil will take a period of time, even if the average mineral oil is used for 10,000km.


Three, use filter paper to detect oil more science


The method of detecting oil by hand, nose and nose, is often to fool the layman, the really simple and effective testing method is to test the filter paper.Filter paper method of use: parking after ten minutes, take out oil feet, drop a drop of oil at the center of the filter paper, then put the paper draws on the central hollow objects (such as a cup or bowl), wait for 5 to 8 hours after observing the oil oil stain on the test paper.Among them, the oil patch is divided into oil ring, diffusion ring and deposit ring.The wider the oil ring, the smaller the oil oxidation;The wider the diffusion ring, the longer the remaining life of the engine oil;The more shallow the ring color, the less impurities in the oil.

In the third case, the oil must be replaced

The line is clear: replace it as soon as possible

The oil ring disappears, leaving only the sedimentary ring and the diffusion ring: replace immediately

There is only a darker deposit ring: replace it immediately or the engine is finished.


Normally, the car owner can use the mileage and shelf life according to the oil, to determine whether or not to change.

The replacement cycle should be shortened by frequent traffic jams, high temperature, cold, etc.In addition, if the oil exceeds its expiry date, it should be replaced if it does not meet the replacement cycle.If the owner long-term frequent brakes, catching up bad driving habits, the oil change cycle should also in advance, this is because the bad driving habits tend to accelerate among parts of the vehicle wear and tear.