SHACMAN X3000 tractor truck- quality upgrade again


Advantage 1: giant power & More fuel-efficient

(1) product assembly weichai WP12 engine, cummins ISM engine, more accurate fuel injection, optimize fuel atomization system, power to avoid high speed high fuel consumption area, economic speed broader, speeding up stronger performance, large displacement, high torque, low fuel consumption advantages more apparent.

(2) using high power engine + direct speed transmission + efficient fuel-efficient small ratio single-stage bridge drive system, realize dynamic matching innovation;

(3) special engine MAP for SHACMAN X3000 trucks, duplex dump air compressor, throttle fault oil technology, taxi when nothing injection, the optimization of the fan control logic, unnecessary speed even stop turning, greatly saves the energy.

(4) the engine inlet and the cooling module, large inlet cross section, the volume is more plentiful, streamlined design, shan steam cooling system, patent cavity smooth transition, air intake resistance smaller.

(5) the ISM EBP switch and weichai match polymorphic switch, according to the state of vehicle load to choose the appropriate gear, engine working in the most economic area, realize the fuel consumption is reduced.

(6) economic operation and ECO smart reminder upgrade: combination instrument ECO lamp, driving to alert users to economy.


Advantage 2:3D lightweight innovation

(1) high strength lightweight frame system

German MAN technology new structure widen high strength single frame (after the first 940 mm 940 mm), imported high strength alloy steel 6000 tons of hydraulic press for one-time molding, through the optimization design and finite element analysis, a new patent design X casting beams, optimize the structure of support plate, weight fell sharply at the same time, torsional strength beyond models at the same level.

(2) high strength lightweight suspension system

Europe's leading a new design of the small piece of plate spring before and after with breaking balance shaft suspension, effectively reduce the vibration strength, lightweight and fatigue resistance.

(3) High strength lightweight assembly and parts

The Cab is made of high strength steel plate, both inside and outside decoration material topology optimization, the thickness of frame structure design, lighter in weight. Engine aluminum flywheel shell, optimize the structure of gear, engine lighter structure, method and special lightweight aluminum alloy 12 file transmission, high strength lightweight aluminum alloy fuel tank, higher reliability, lighter in weight.

Advantage 3: fashion comfortable ,smart appearance

Cab (1) the European fashion, join the European brand new design concept, combined with China's unique aesthetic concept, the forward vehicle modelling beautiful, strong, strong external no flow tank design, increasing the radiator windward area, improve the internal flow field, the domestic original color mirrors, but open the side window, the integration of trapezoidal headlight.

(2) the car high waterfall integrated control platform, 5 inches high intelligent instrument clearly the lattice cold light, traffic information is rich, clear vision, provide accurate human-computer interaction interface.

(3) the European fashion interiors, environmental sound-absorbing materials, fittings curtain and sunshade shade, overall low carbon foam floor MATS, doors and skylights double sealing system, good effect of heat preservation, heat insulation, noise reduction, ensure that green, intimate and comfortable space.

Four (4) a new generation of air suspension system and shock absorbers, cooperate with the grammer air seats, better driving comfort, especially the human body vibration magnitude to reach European standard, 55% more comfort.

(5) intelligent door control systems, integrated electric glass lifts, electric mirrors, electric heating rearview mirror and central door lock function, function of remote control glass lifts, remote control design, convenient save worry.

(6) the automatic air conditioning intelligent control, activated carbon air filter + time external loop partition constant temperature air conditioning, air conditioning refrigerating capacity increase of 8%, making 38% more calories.

(7) new shift system, telescopic shaft type control system, shift force has fallen dramatically, shifting 45-60% lower, convenient pilot.

(8) industry the only  "four lock unity one " humanized design, can achieve a key opens the ignition lock, door locks, lock box lock, urea, convenience for the user.


Advantage 4: super service revolution

(1) Super service package

New car user 200000 kilometers from the date of purchase and maintenance free, unlimited mileage warranty 36 months, directly to save operating costs tens of thousands of yuan a year.

(2) the big customers can enjoy more special service

For the relatively fixed customers, develop along the service station, ensure the timeliness of service, vehicle relatively concentrated area determine the detailed accessories reserves, together with the user, the service station security vehicle after-sale maintenance.