Six notices in winter driving

1. Pay attention to turning on the lights:


The snow day was driving on the highway, and the driver's view of the road was limited, and the road was wet and the fog was filling, which seriously affected the sight of the driver.Therefore, requiring drivers to timely according to the road condition open warning lights, road is in critical condition, when the fog is bigger, can open the fog lamps, seriously affect the driver's line of sight, do not force driving, should be to a service or leave the nearby.


2. Maintain a safe distance from the front car:


In rain and snow weather on the highway, the vehicle steering, and brake performance, braking distance, driving people line of sight affected, therefore, rain and snow weather when driving on the highway, must maintain enough safe distance with the vehicle ahead, control the security, do not let their guard down.


3. Driving at a constant speed:


Slippery snow, sudden acceleration, sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, abrupt rotation direction and even the usual road condition problem, can cause side slip.Therefore, the snow - sky highway should pay attention to the constant speed and steady direction, and maintain the smoothness of the vehicles.Don't overtake the car in general.


4. Careful driving in special sections:

Winter low temperature and part of the bridge because of no geothermal, easier to freeze compared to common section, the vehicle bridge in menstruation, don't speed too fast, also can't keep too close distance with vehicle ahead.In the process of bridge, try not to change frequently, keep the low grade smoothly through.Do not be in the lower slope, do not slide, do not slam on the brake, should be in the lower gear through the engine brake, must brake, not one foot on the dead, should be gradually added.


5. Follow the rut and pay attention to the icy road:

There are ruts on the snow road, and advice to follow the rut.When you are in the rut, steer not to turn sharply, but watch for icy roads.If the road is icy, you can assemble a suitable anti-slip chain for the tyre.


6. Know the latest highway conditions in advance:

We should try our best to understand the latest weather conditions and road traffic in the road before passing the expressway so as to adjust the schedule in time.After passing the highway, you should also observe the tips of the variable intelligence board on the road, and follow the warning information on the road.