Snow and ice road driving, you will also need to pay attention to these points

Winter comes, the weather is cold and the temperature is reduced, the road is covered with ice, and driving on icy roads, the test of not only the car and the performance of the tire, driving skill is the key to about your safety.

Just share for the friends of the card, below small make up of icy roads traffic considerations:

1, slow slow start up, refueling

If when starting, the phenomenon of the wheel slip, can hang into gear might be higher than usual, when empty, with three heavy car in second gear when started.

Clutch loosened slower than usual, adjust the range of the momentum it is better to half the size of the clutch.

Throttle started than usual, so long as the engine idling away.

Once the wheel is up, immediately change into the low level of block a, can normal go away.

These require the pilot shift fast, throttle, clutch, gear with accuracy.

2, keep stable at low speed in the road

Due to the braking distance will increase with the increase of the speed of the car, so control the speed of the car and the car and keep the larger is the key to the snow and ice road traffic safety distance.

In general, high speed, more will keep how long safe driving distance, such as the speed of 30 km per hour, keep 30 meters long distances.

Because the driver from found things to step the brake pedal fastest time also to 0.03 seconds, and the mechanical response time also need 8.33 m distance.

So, if the vehicle speed too fast, the safe distance between the two car is too small, once encounter emergency consequences.

3, accelerate the shift speed should be lower than usual

Vehicle start, speed on ice and snow road, the owner can be slightly lower than usually shift gear shift when the engine speed.

When in the process of acceleration, the owner felt wheels skid or body spin with the ground tilt, the direction is not allowed, it should release some down or even stop speed.

In the direction of control, then small Angle deviation correction direction.

Frantic, the owner of avoid by all means at this time on the direction, keep in mind that snow and ice road surface adhesion is far lower than the ordinary dry road, the dangers of some bad driving habits will be amplified in this road.

4, the ice taboo jerked the steering wheel

When need to turn to, also want to slow down, the appropriate increase in turn the steering wheel turning radius and slow.

Holding the steering wheel to divide evenly along the ease operation, otherwise will skid.

This is because the steering too hard, steering wheel lateral deviation, caused the vehicle front resistance suddenly increased, under the action of inertia, the rear of the phenomenon of the outward.

Especially in the suburbs of mountainous highway, snow and ice road is intermittent, sometimes playing direction, it is best to take measures in advance in the discontinuous place finish.

If in the ice road direction, probably because of the lateral spreads across the road or out of the roadbed major traffic accidents.

5, road to maintain uniform motion in a straight line

Ice surface road need drivers more focused, alert.

Should not only keep their vehicles from sliding, also to prevent other vehicles or pedestrians skid with their own vehicle collision, and people s sensitivity than normal winter air temperature is lower, with the distance of at least 1.5 times bigger than usual.

Driving it is best to keep the vehicle in the process of uniform motion in a straight line driving, the driver turned the steering wheel to slow, the magnitude of the accelerator and brake are soft, avoid by all means movement range is too big, too fast,