SHACMAN M3000 gives you free space!

SHACMAN M3000 feels like home.

Wide vision, comfortable driving environment, large  space for sleeper & storage, four air suspension cabin and international handling  level.

Four aspects of comfort.

The Cabin operation can meet different groups of human design (different bodily form), making driving operation easy and convenient.

Overall enhance for air conditioning system (cooling effect is 20% higher than the standard);

Optimized process and sound insulation material can improve the gas tightness of the cabin 40%.The sleeper width is 840mm, meeting the height of 2 meters’ driver;

Four-point hydraulic suspension (can be installed with airbags) cabin can apply different road conditions and improve ride comfort.

Telescopic shaft shift is light and good sealing

.Wide vision makes drivers more comfortable and safe.

New structure steering wheel: new design steering wheel, without shelter on instrument vision. 

Manipulate pedal space creates a good man-machine control performance.

Overall enhance for ir conditioning,and  system cooling effect is 20% higher than thestandard

Large space for storage & sleeper space


Large space for storage & sleeper space.

Large space for storage & sleeper space