Stay away from the Windows and get it

Winter has come, and for kari, the cold weather can cause a lot of trouble.

While most of them may be freezing up in front of their Windows, they choose to turn on the air conditioning and other ice, but such a long period of idling can be harmful to the truck.

In fact, quick removal of the ice on the window, the method is very simple.

Raw onion wipe

Rub a raw onion on your car Windows and windshield the night before the frost, and this magical trick will keep your car away from frost and frost.

[alcohol also prevents wipers from freezing]

What if your wiper is frozen on the glass and can't be broken?

In fact, it is very simple, with a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol, rubbing wipers, even the coldest weather, it works.

A lighter can also have a magic effect.

I don't know if the card friends have ever come across this situation, can't insert the car keys into the keyhole?

Turned out to be frozen, this time bring lighters to car keys heated slightly, work well, or you can also use a straw on the keyhole blow, you breath in the high temperature will freeze melt quickly.

The windshield foggy?

If you want to remove the fog without using the window and glass, try using a black board.

Or roll the Windows down and let the fresh air into the car, so that the fog will soon disperse.

Plastic bags are also useful.

Use a plastic bag to cover the mirror before the night comes, and fasten it with a rubber band or clip.

When you take the bag the next morning, you'll find no frost on the mirror.