The summer's carefree driving

Summer, the engine temperature phenomenon is more common, there are many reasons, mainly distinguish with coolant or without coolant, the two different situations require different measures to deal with.Here are some emergency measures for the high temperature of the engine.

After overload, the engine overheat and the cooling system circulates normally.

When the vehicle is under load, the engine water is near the boiling temperature, while the engine is overheating, but the cooling system is still in circulation.First, keep the engine idle and stop the fire.With cold water poured the radiator surface accelerated cooling, the temperature dropped to about 50 degrees of the car, thick with wet towel unscrew the tank cover, people should avoid is on the tank cover, to prevent scalding water.Finally check that the gauge is within normal range.


The engine is too hot and the cooling system circulates.

There are many reasons for such failures, such as a thermostat, cooling a silicon oil fan, and a fan belt that causes the cooling system to fail to work properly.First of all, keep the engine in the car.With cold water poured accelerated cooling radiator surface, usually this kind of cases, the circulating water temperature drop is limited, the engine temperature below 80 degrees, taking intermittent stall, hit the flameout switch sensor or pull the efi system, engine running over with the starter machine, 10 to 15 seconds for a cycle, passive cooling operation, before the complete 

The engine cooling system has no water and the engine is dry

Engine "dry", that is, without cooling water conditions, is a very serious accident, then adopt the way of any cooling water water the radiator cooling are basic invalid, nor heat engine operation.First of all, in the condition of the car, should open the oil filling mouth, rapid filling lubricating oil, this is because in the condition of complete water, engine oil with a large number of high temperature and evaporation, must quickly added.The next step is very important. When the oil is finished, the oil must be turned off and the engine will be turned off by any means.At the same time, the engine is running and the engine is running.Run for 10 seconds, pause for 5 seconds, and maintain this frequency.It would be better to damage a start-up, to keep the engine, and to minimize the serious accidents such as a sticky cylinder and a cylinder.The engine "dry burn" state, can not be able to use the method that adds cooling water to cool down, can cause cold and heat alternation, engine cylinder body blow a crack to wait for an accident.