The engine maintenance has the coup eight attention should pay attention

The engine is the source of power and the core of the truck.

For trucks, it's just as important as a human heart, so maintaining a good engine is a very important job.

1. Unscheduled maintenance

The regular maintenance of the engine is very important, and many professional maintenance teachers say that the failure of engine maintenance in the vehicles they handle is 50% of the total failure.

Visible engine maintenance can play a vital role in extending the service life of the vehicle.

Is not only in the regular maintenance period for engine maintenance, and especially in driving through some special damp or dust big region, to do some inspection and maintenance of engine related components.

2. Oil deterioration and oil filter element are not free

Different grades of lubricants will change during the use of oil.

After a certain amount of mileage, the performance deteriorates and may cause problems for the engine.

When the oil is passed through the thin hole of the oil filter, the solid particles and viscous particles in the oil are deposited in the filter.

Such as filter plugging, oil is not smoothly through the filter, will burst filter or open the valve, from the bypass valve, through, still put the dirt back to the lubrication part, spur engine wear and tear, internal increased pollution.

Therefore, the regular replacement of oil filter is equally important.

Don't add less oil, but don't add too much oil. The more expensive an international brand of oil is, the better it is for your car.

3. The air filter is blocked

The intake system of the engine is mainly composed of air filter core and intake pipe.

According to different usage, clean the air filter element regularly. The air filter should be replaced after cleaning 3 times. The cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality in the daily driving area.

It is also very important to buy the air filter element of the factory which is supplied by the manufacturer of good quality.

4. Air inlet pipe is dirty

If the vehicle frequently travels in the area of road condition with more dust and poor air quality, it should pay attention to cleaning the intake pipe and ensuring the flow of air.

The normal work of the inlet pipe of engine is very important, if the inlet pipe too dirty, to cause a decline in efficiency, so that the engine will not operate in the normal range of output power, fuel engine wear and aging.

Try to avoid the dust as much as possible. At the same time, the air conditioner should also be replaced.

5. Excessive oil in crankcase

Engine in the process of operation, the high pressure of the combustion chamber unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxide through the clearance between piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase, with parts wear of the metal powder mixing, the formation of sludge.

A small amount of sludge can be suspended in oil, which can be precipitated out of the oil at the equivalent of a large amount, clogging the filter and oil hole, causing the engine to be lubricated, thus increasing the wear and tear of the engine.

Choose high quality fuel oil and synthetic diesel engine lubricating oil for reducing sludge produced, is particularly important, it is recommended that all car owners through formal channels to buy as much as possible for your car synthetic diesel engine lubricating oil and fuel oil.

In addition, please check the oil level of your car frequently, which should be added as soon as possible.

6. Improper maintenance of fuel system

The maintenance of fuel system includes the replacement of fuel filter according to the maintenance requirement, cleaning the sediment in the fuel filter screen and properly maintaining the fuel tank and pipeline.

7. The water tank is rusted and fouled

To avoid the formation of rust and scale of the engine water tank, attention should be paid to the choice of coolant.

Some car owners do not pay attention to the use and quality of the coolant. Usually the water tank is added to the tank.

The most common problems in cooling systems are rust, scaling, and corrosion.

The main reason for this is the lack of good coolant.

Good cooling fluid not only have low condensation point, and has various functions to add other ingredients, can inhibit foam, rust, electrolysis and the scale prevention and so on, so remind all car mainly choose carefully is good for water tank of cooling fluid.

8. The cooling system is in poor condition

Engine is the most common fault, such as live sierra cylinder, cylinder cavitation, work rough result in serious noise, power down, etc., are due to the engine operating temperature anomalies, pressure is too big, bad cooling system, and cause.

The bad condition of the cooling system will directly cause the engine to not work under normal temperature, which will result in the above serious failure.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the water tank to clean the water tank and the rust and corrosion in the cooling system regularly, and add the appropriate coolant.

This ensures the engine works properly and extends the overall life of the tank and engine.

As the saying goes, the seven-point maintenance three-part repair, only the regular maintenance of the parts, can prolong the service life of the vehicle.