ShAMAN M3000 advantage analysis

SHACMAN M3000 6 * 4 tractor truck  hit of short distance (500-1500km), the total weight of goods vehicles Road within 49T, with high speed, mainly used 60-80km/h speed, mileage 150 thousand kilometers SHACMAN continued deep customer demand, to the positive development of system as the foundation, development to meet the new demand of precision products, M3000 6 * 4 tractor truck five high quality new upgrade. 


1.the appearance of the highest value of fashion

 (1) SHACMAN M3000 6 * 4 tractor, fashionable avant-courier, exquisite workmanship, appearance is more recognizable, interior car brand new design, luxurious warmth;

SHACMAN M3000 6X4外观.png

(2) the chassis comprehensive upgrade, line pipe and reasonable layout;


 (3)Whole vehicle use galvanized bolts and spray wax process.


2.The lightest weight of industry efficiency is better

SHACMAN M3000 6 * 4 tractor  truck adopts many kinds of new lightweight materials and a number of drop weight design, component module development, product quality and the weight of synchronous optimization, vehicle weight of meeting industry the most light of similar products.

(1) the new plate spring and various support;.


(2) Lightweight front axle and drive axle;


(3) Lightweight design of engine;


(4) High quality lightweight rims, gas reservoir


3.Comfortable ride, you might think

M3000 6 * 4 tractor truck ride comfort space for special promotion, fully filtered from the impact of the complex road conditions.

(1)Four airbags mount, transverse damping shock absorber;


(2)Air master seat, widen the front suspension, extended plate spring;


 (3)Industry's most sleeper 840 mm wide, spacious and comfortable;


(4)Multiple sealed noise reduction measures, let you enjoy referral home generally comfortable with warmth.


4.Double with lower fuel consumption power

SHACMAN M3000 6 * 4 tractor truck power matching accuracy, perfect to adapt to all kinds of transportation condition, carrying weichai WP10, WP12 four ISM11 valve, cummins engines, power range of 270-440 horsepower, full load lower fuel consumption, the economy better.

(1) aluminum shell of the gearbox;


(1) Industry exclusive differential lock combination between differential between shaft, wheel, vehicle maintenance faster and adapt to the complex road conditions, increase efficiency of the transportation and increase income


5.New security upgrade Driving more secure

(1) the rigorous vehicle assembly process;

(2) under the former lens using wide field lens, a broader view;


(3)Have high reliability, industry unique air dryer, oil-water separator, the standard engine braking, braking force to a maximum of 326 horsepower, braking performance excellence, to ensure that the entire safe driving;


(4)M3000 models with 450 l tank, optional 600 l / 1000 l big fuel tank, limited driving distance is longer.


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