The SHACMAN HD recard is reexposed

In the commercial car industry, the most important thing is the new car, especially the latest strategic model of the company.The most mysterious heavy card is now the shaanxi auto HD, following the launch of khuaighal's K7 and the unpiloted J7 unmanned test.

Although it was made public in the ministry of industry and information technology and has been exposed to the road test, the heavy card has been highly classified, with few public appearances.It is understood that the HD recard is a strategic model developed by shanxi steam for the market for 2017 and later.It USES a new bridge, with pure European veins, appearance and existing models difference is bigger, let a person shine at the moment, more European style, and more on the "tall" temperament.It seems that the heavy card not only depends on the strength to eat, the appearance level also needs to be connected with the international.

Recently, the shanxi auto HD recard revealed the latest road test case.Amazingly, in this case, there is a white Mercedes tractor next to the white, shanxi, and the black, and the white.Is this a pre-ipo comparison?The car is a long way from the "figure" of a Mercedes tractor.

Even more surprising, one of the biggest moves in the road is to test driverless technology.According to the source, there is a camera in the middle of the windshield.There is also a "SHACMAN" LOGO on the top of the LOGO, which is likely to be an export version.However, if you think about it again, it is strange.As the next generation of shanxi auto heavy card, it is also necessary to satisfy the hot market demand and the best technology.Now, with the widespread use of driverless technology, driverless trucks are a big trend in future freight markets.Heavy steam, fukuda and liberation have already run on the road of intelligent driving or driverless cars. Will it be backward?


The first commercial vehicle network, a new car or HD10, is expected to go on sale early next year, with the weichai 13L engine and the xian cummins engine.

Do you have any expectations?Do you prefer liberation from J7, or do you want to have a SHACMAN  HD?