The temperature of the summer engine is high,These checks should be noted

Summer there are many reasons for the formation of the engine water temperature is too high, in addition to the failure of the cooling fan, water pump and pipeline leakage, the bigger of the two issues, there are a few small places, daily can check but also is easy to overlook, illustrated below.

1. Radiators: anti-insect network to pay attention to cleaning methods

In Yang flocculent, the place that fluttering falls heavily, not only can clog the radiator surface, but also can absorb dirt, reduce the radiator of water tank greatly greatly.It is recommended to add a layer or even a smaller net, and the later cleaning is also convenient.Flying insects also can clog the surface of the radiators, so be sure to pay attention to insects and cleaning.If the surface of the radiator is blocked, pay attention to the method when cleaning.In order to keep the radiator undamaged, you can use compressed air to blow first and clean with water gun.Use water gun to notice, one is spray when adjust the water to disperse, reduce pressure, two is water spray is as far as possible with water tank, avoid high water pressure damage radiator fins.


2. Antifreeze fluid: remember to add water, not only do not change

The antifreeze liquid should be understood as a "cooling liquid with anti-freeze function". It has the function of cooling, freezing and boiling.Compared to water, its freezing point is lower, so in colder areas, users will pay more attention to avoid icing.Antifreeze has a high boiling point at the same time, under normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius, while at high altitudes will be lower than 100 degrees, if water instead of antifreeze, slightly high engine temperature will result in boiling water boiled water.Can't replace the antifreeze water more important reason is that water can form scale and oxidation corrosion (rust), blocking radiator and waterways, is more serious is that affect the internal engine, such as cylinder liner cavitation perforation.Another myth about using antifreeze is that it only adds up.Some users believe that the antifreeze will only need to be added to the inside when it is young, but in fact the antifreeze will also expire, which will rust the inside like water.The general long-term antifreeze solution is valid for two years, and more than two years are recommended.


3. Thermostat: high summer temperatures can't be removed

Thermostat is between the engine and radiator valve device, which, according to automatically adjust the water temperature of water into a radiator is implemented we often say the coolant "circulation" and "number", to control the engine work in certain temperature range.Most of the market USES wax-type thermostat. If the thermostat fails, the valve cannot be opened, and the coolant cannot carry out the big circulation, which can lead to excessive water temperature.Therefore, it is an important point to ensure that the thermostat is working properly.Some friends ask why do you want a thermostat?Without a thermostat, the coolant only circulates and the water temperature drops faster.In general, the function of the thermostat is to keep the engine from being too cold and to speed up the engine preheating process.Therefore, some people believe that the thermostat is used during cold weather, and the temperature of 30 degrees in the summer can be knocked off the thermostat.Is that really the case?In fact, the best working temperature of the engine is 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, and below 70 degrees is low temperature.After 


defusing the thermostat, the engine preheating time is prolonged, and the long period of low temperature can cause the engine to wear faster, the combustion effect is poor and the fuel consumption is increased.Therefore, if the thermostat is suddenly broken and the water temperature is too warm to be removed, remember to replace the new part of the machine with no thermostat for the long term.