The truck's low temperature start difficult, how to do?

You drivers, the cold winter has come.

The low temperature of the truck has become a problem that our truck drivers have to face. Let's talk about the key points of the truck's low temperature start today!

一、Start without fire?

Winter car battery power consumption is larger, general will discharge battery after parking at night, winter car static discharge time is longer, starts to play no more damage for a kick-off meeting for the battery while the fire!

When the first time the fire is not on fire, start the second time after the interval of 20 seconds or so. Don't worry about adding a preheating time after starting.General vehicle water temperature of 40 ℃ to start the economy car.Advise car friends to shut down the power-consumption device and turn off the engine before parking.Start the engine to warm up and then turn on the air-conditioning radio to extend the battery life.


二、Too dependent on the priming fluid?

Car place time is too long in the outdoor engine will appear between the friction pair without lubricating oil dry friction condition, at this time if use cold start liquid to help start, engine immediately produce a great impact on the ignition, must wear quantity is large, if the start of the spray liquid a bit more serious still can cause cold cylinder or tile burning accident.

Bring in cold start liquid to a tank and oil sump before each movement in the preheat the engine parts get good lubrication, tank heater preheating, installation can be done using a blowtorch heating but it is not recommended, after all, open flames, or there is a big security hidden danger.

三、Step on the gas after you start?

This fuel not only oil, but also engine wear.

Starting after fierce, because of the large winter oil viscosity on the accelerator, the oil pump will be high speed movement, oil filter and oil pressure sensor is difficult to bear such high oil pressure, easy to cause the filter, and even get a break.Although some auto oil pump is installed on the pressure limiting valve, to a certain extent can protect, but sometimes too late because of the large winter oil viscosity pressure relief, still can make the engine components are damaged.

Bring the engine temperature rise to 40 ℃ after appropriate fuel ready to start again.

四、Start directly?

Start start do great damage to vehicles, because just started each part of the engine lubricating oil has not reach the designated position, the engine temperature is low, will produce parts of dry grinding, cylinder liner, shaft, gear and other parts early wear.

After the start of the operation, the temperature should be increased for a moment, then the water temperature will rise and the normal idle speed can be started.

After the car starts, it should run a few kilometers smoothly, and then speed up when the vehicle reaches a good preheating condition.But the preheating time is too long, the general criterion is: water temperature table pointer to begin with, or after start engine tachometer can drive back to the idle state, about a minute or so.In addition, the first two kilometers before starting, slow down, and then normal speed to avoid flameout.


Winter driving safety first!