There are four main reasons why the brakes are not strong.

On the road, occasionally see some cars fell in a different position on the road, when I see these scenarios, always a bit of a wry smile can not, and the cause of the different positions, because the car brake, the brake rickety car, injury body destroyed a car, not only will ShangCai knowledge, so the car not firm "brake" of what?

The brake system lacks maintenance.

Brake system is not timely maintenance can lead to brake pump in too much impurity, untight seal, vacuum booster pump failure, brake oil dirty, or a mixture of several kinds of brake oil gas after heated resistance, brake pump and oil pump, air tank or pipe interface loopholes, this may cause brake failure.


Improper operation

Some of the causes of brake failure are caused by improper operation of the card friends.

For example, the braking system will be completely ineffective due to the friction of the brake pad, the carbonization of the brake hub and the brake function, which will cause the brake failure.


Due to severe overload, under the action of gravity acceleration, the inertia of the vehicle is increased, which leads to the failure of the brake.

Turn on the air conditioner to turn on the brake (gasoline car, dual fuel car)

Small-engine cars engine power would not have been enough, plus the car has been in the open air conditioning, car owners repeatedly hit the brakes, engine for the brake booster pump, brake failure will happen.


In recent years, brake failure has been one of the main causes of truck accidents.

Here, remind everybody must maintain the brake system on time, change brake pads in time, lest cause unnecessary loss.