There is no need to say anything about antifreeze

During the cold season, the best care for the car should start with the heart of the car - the engine.The choice of antifreeze solution is a top priority for the health of the "heart" of the vehicle, so what is the role of antifreeze?Can we use water instead?What should I pay attention to?To look down.

  1. Function of antifreeze liquid

"Is the full name of antifreeze antifreeze coolant", is a cycle in the engine cooling system with antifreeze functions such as cooling medium, antifreeze besides anti-freezing function, and prevent boiling, anticorrosion and antiscaling function.Therefore, don't try to believe that the antifreeze solution is only used in winter.

(1) the freezing point of water is 0 ℃, and the freezing point of antifreeze generally can reach to 45 ~ 25 ℃, in the cold winter can prevent coolant and burst radiator condense into ice and freezing engine cylinder body, at the same time ensure ready to start the engine.

(2) the boiling: fangdongye of high boiling point than water, the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, the boiling point of antifreeze generally higher than 106 ℃, can effectively prevent engine "boiled" phenomenon.

(3) anticorrosion: the engine's cooling system includes steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron and other metals. Antifreeze agents use deionized water and proper additives to prevent corrosion of these metals.

(4) anti-scale: more than 70% of the cooling system of the car has scale and rust, which can seriously affect the cooling function of the cooling system, and the high quality antifreeze liquid has the function of removing scale and scaling.


2. Use antifreeze liquid precautions

(1) the antifreeze solution cannot be used for water.

A small amount of distilled water or pure water can be added in case of emergency.

It must be noted that it is necessary to re-measure the freezing point of the antifreeze as soon as possible. If the freezing point is within the required range, the antifreeze liquid should be added to the normal level.If the freezing point does not meet the requirements, only the whole car can be replaced with antifreeze fluid.

(2) check the level of anti-freeze liquid level regularly.The level height should be between MAX and MIN.

(3) the antifreeze liquid mainly has four main functions, so it is not only winter, but should be kept in antifreeze for the whole year.It is also noted that the antifreeze solution of different manufacturers and different brands can not be used together to avoid the failure of antifreeze coolant due to different chemical compositions.

If you need to replace another brand of antifreeze liquid, you need to keep the original antifreeze fluid and clean the cooling system.

3. Anti-freeze liquid purchasing skills

(1) see the production date of the antifreeze solution.Natural the more new the better, put more than one year's advice not to buy, will produce more water scale and other impurities, bad for the engine.

(2) try to use the same brand of antifreeze solution.Different brands of antifreeze fluid production formula will vary, and if mixed, a chemical reaction is likely to occur between various additives, causing the additive to fail.

(3) antifreeze freezing point at least should be lower than the local lowest temperature 10 ℃, prevent freezes in winter antifreeze.

(4) choose the antifreeze liquid produced by qualified and reputable enterprises. Do not want to buy cheap, good antifreeze liquid crystal clear and transparent, no impurities, no turbidity, no stratification.


4. Replace the antifreeze solution

(1) before replacing the antifreeze solution, make a check.Check whether there are any leakage marks in the pipes, whether there are cracks, and check the water pipes. If there are any abnormalities, you should replace the water pipes or reconnect the interfaces according to the situation.

(2) release the old antifreeze liquid and then clean the liquid channel with clean water.

Add water to the antifreeze solution tank and then pour water into the tank to keep water flowing through the engine cooling system. Then the car is idle for 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the water to circulate.Maintain the above operation until the water tank releases water.

(3) when the water is released, the new antifreeze fluid is added to the water pipe of the radiator, which is the method for the rapid flow of antifreeze fluid into the tank.

Unscrew the lid of the reservoir, add the antifreeze liquid, and reach the "Max" mark, and be careful not to exceed it.

(4) cover with water tank cover and storage tank and tighten.

Starting the engine, idle running 2 ~ 3 min, unscrew the tank cover, at this time due to rule out the part of the air cooling system, antifreeze liquid level will be reduced, then should add antifreeze, antifreeze is made to reach the "Max" scale line.Then cover the water tank.

Note: to observe whether there is any impurities in the antifreeze in the coolant state of the tank, the final liquid surface should be kept tight after the end of "MAX" and "MIN".