Tips for maintenance of 4 supercharger.

The importance of the power of the truck is obvious, and the turbocharger contributes a lot in this respect.But the value of it can occasionally be "small emotions", is it you usually neglect the maintenance of it?Today is to bring four supercharger daily maintenance tips, card friends to learn quickly!


1. Don't leave the car when it is cold.

Car stops after a night, the oil will flow back to the oil pan, because gravity in the idle run to start the engine after a minute or so to let the oil circulation, make the supercharger fully floating bearing lubrication before you start driving.

2. Do not stall immediately after high speed operation.

Turbocharger at work speed is very high, if immediately shut down after high speed, the oil supply will suddenly, the supercharger is still in the high speed rotating, such floating within the bearing oil will soon be ground dry, floating bearing will be damaged.The right thing to do is to run for at least a minute before you stall.

3. Oil and filter elements should not be careless.

The operating environment of the supercharged engine is very bad, so the demand for oil is relatively high. When choosing oil, it is better to use the replacement according to the viscosity and level required by the manufacturer.Filter to mention the, must use normal manufacturer of products, if you use inferior filter, harms the supercharger floating bearing, serious causes the rotor, holding in death of the supercharger scrap.

4.Air filtration is also important.

Whether the air filtration is normal is also related to the supercharger, because the seal of the supercharger bearing cavity is mainly dependent on the pressure difference on both sides.

A lot of times the supercharger string oil is related to this, and sometimes the oil supercharger that the car owner replaces may be only the second product air filtration or the air filter jam caused.