Common truck maintenance tools, get out of the car to be ready!

Get out of the car, must these truck repair tools!

Drivers who drive trucks all the time will have some sort of emergency maintenance, and if you get a glitch outside, you'll have to spend a lot of money.

Today we will introduce the necessary maintenance tools to solve the glitches.


1. Common truck maintenance tools

Dual-purpose wrench: mui composite spanner, this wrench combination advantage is easy to carry, widely used.Movable wrench: it is a very convenient multi-purpose wrench. It is better to have a bigger one and a smaller one, which can be used in different situations.

Headlamp: headlamp does not need to use hand illume, directly set head, can free the hands to do other thing, whether repair the car's lighting or the dark lighting, is extremely convenient.

In addition to the above tools, you will also need the type of sleeve that has a golden roof and a removal of the tire screws.

2. Fragile gadgets

Fan belt: the fan belt is prone to damage and may be a minor factor in the fan belt. The card friends will not maintain the fan belt.

If the fan belt is broken, the heat dissipation is not good. In order to avoid inconvenience on the road, it is necessary for the card friends to prepare the same fan belt.

Quick connector: believe many driver friends have encountered the problem of half-way trachea, although the problem is not big, but the hidden danger is fatal.

Conductor with a few quick joint of trachea, road tube worn condition, cut the pipe lousy place then joint one tong can solve the problem, such as where to go to service station riveting the replace it with the silk, iron is solid and firm connection.

Various kinds of CARDS: depending on your needs, you can buy a couple of clips to be ready for a rainy day. (pipe, heating pipe, and tubing card)

Diesel filter: this is also essential for driving, especially in winter.

You will be unable to get your car when the o-ring is off, so you should have a set of your car.