Truck maintenance skills on the way

Engaged in transport of goods, basically want to on the road everyday, many times in a unfamiliar location, you may have to go in the middle in the middle of nowhere, if at this time the car a little trouble, is afraid to move on, and can't wait for people to deal with, let a person in a dilemma.

However, as long as the following nine emergency repair methods are mastered, it can alleviate the problems of the vehicles and buy time to repair the factory and relieve the worries.

1. Tubing fracture

When the tubing is broken, you can find a rubber or plastic sleeve that is suitable for the tubing diameter.

If the sleeve is not tight enough, the two ends shall be fastened with wire to prevent oil leakage.


2. Rupture of tubing

When the tubing breaks down, it can clean up the crack, apply soap, wrap it around the pipe with a cloth or tape, tie it with wire, and then apply a layer of soap.  


3. Oil pipe joint leakage

Wrap the cotton yarn around the horn and tighten the tubing nut and tubing.

Gum or maltose can also be chewed into a paste, applied to the tubing nut seat, to be dried and sealed.


4. Leaking oil

According to the size of the sand eye, the electrician with the corresponding specification is used to use the fuse, and the hand hammer gently plunks it into the sand eye, which can eliminate oil leakage and water leakage.

5. Tank damage

When using the motor vehicle, it is found that the oil spill can be wiped clean, and used soap or bubble gum in the oil leak, temporarily blocked;

It is better to repair with epoxy resin adhesive.


6. The inlet and outlet hose burst

A cloth with a layer of soap can be used to bind the water.

If the rupture is larger, the hose can be cut off, and a bamboo pipe or iron pipe is placed in the middle, and the wire is tightly bound.


The valve spring is broken

7.You can remove the broken spring and install the broken two segments in reverse.

If the spring break into a number of knots, the cylinder can be adjusted by adjusting the screw, so that the valve remains closed and the cylinder is stopped

8. Fan belt fracture

A broken belt can be strung together with wire or a stop-stop method to drive away.


Learn about the simple mechanics of the truck, help drivers to remove some safety hazards on the road, and not let the hidden dangers cause other hazards.