Truck maintenance taboo

Learn to drive by car first

But there are many taboos to repair trucks

Do you know?

In frequent maintenance work

There are often huge hidden dangers

Today we are going to make a simple list of these things

Some things must be torn apart

With the rising popularity of electronic control engine, the right of electronic-controlled engine maintenance is extremely important, but at the time of engine working, avoid by all means remove the high pressure side all tubing joints, high pressure oil pipe, for example, common rail pipe and so on.

The common rail tubing is very high pressure and must be disassembled after the engine stops.

Now the high-pressure common rail diesel engine is at work, its fuel pressure can reach up to 2,000 bar, its pressure is equivalent to a luxury car to pressure on the area of a fingernail.

Under such high pressure, once remove common rail pipe joints, high speed jet fuel is bound to produce cutting effect, high pressure liquid than the knife is sharp, once into the human body or eyes consequence is unimaginable

Correct method: after the engine is out of fire, wait for a while, after complete relief, remove and repair.


2. A potential killer of tyres

The tire drum is dangerous, especially the front wheel, in case the tyre is blown up by a drum while the tire is in the middle of the road, it is more dangerous on the highway.

Therefore, in the inspection, once the drum roll should be replaced in time.

Many truck drivers at the same time check the tire pressure in the process of driving, often get off through the tapping tires with a crowbar and judge whether the tire pressure is normal, at this time due to wheel temperature on the high side, tire pressure on the high side, crowbar impact tires will exist a high risk of puncture, and truck tire pressure is generally high, once the force generated by a flat tire is very big also, if the tyre bulge, once the shock is more likely to cause a blowout, which lead to injuries are common.

Correct method: once the tire is found, please replace it immediately. Check the tire pressure and use the special barometer.


3. The twisting screw prohibits the barbaric operation

A lot of people at the time of installation tires or bind goods, will worry about whether the firm, then reinforced by stamped on the crowbar, etc, but it is easy to appear the feet slip, but the crowbar tools such as a rebound hurtful situation, more do not force to kick, the probability of such a rebound will be bigger.

The right approach: use dedicated tools, safe operations, and don't kick tools with your feet.


4. Use the auxiliary start switch carefully

In vehicle maintenance and repair of the sub vice start process will often switch, but if no vehicles on the gap, rushed to sub vice starting switch operation, will build the car moving vehicles with shelf, there is a big hidden danger, the danger of used to this was the case there are quite a few cars crushed.

In addition, some car engines need to be pointed out that the ECU needs to receive the signal of the empty switch. Some models have the phenomenon of the short switch of the gap switch, which greatly increases the risk probability.

Correct method: confirm the stall and follow the operation procedure strictly.


5. The cab must be lifted in place

At the same time for motor vehicles such as the process of maintenance, often need to turn the cab lift up, but remember that you need to bridge lifting, or locking device can not start, bridge by other external forces, is likely to fall, which caused great damage to maintenance personnel.

Correct method: check to confirm the lifting of the cab.

Regarding the potential safety hazard in the process of maintenance maintenance vehicles have a lot of, this is just part lists, many are occurred in the process of vehicle maintenance and repair maintenance, so please the truck driver should work together to improve safety awareness, avoid to get hurt.