Truck school: truck maintenance knowledge in autumn

In autumn, the temperature is low, and the temperature difference is large, and the components of the electric circuit, air conditioner and tire are prone to safety hazards.

Therefore, in order to ensure safe driving, the truck must be maintained on time.

Air conditioning

Summer air conditioning is in high load operation condition, and the rain is more, some vehicles often go wading pavement, the lower part of air conditioner condenser with a lot of sediment, time is long, will make the rusting of the condenser, thus shortening the service life of air conditioning.The weather turns cool autumn, low temperature occurs rime, need to pay attention to the windshield defrost outlet wind is normal, and that heat is enough, if there is a problem, to solve in time, otherwise, will bring driving unsafe factors.

Wash the door glass guide slot

There is more rain in the season, and lots of rain and dust and acid-base material flow down the glass into the guide slot, when glass lifts are weak and the glass rises and falls slowly.

It is recommended to use a professional cleanser to clean the guide slot, then the lifting and lifting of the glass several times, the speed of lifting will be good.

Timely change of tire

In autumn, the temperature drop should be added to the tyre pressure, keeping it in the range of pressure.

At the same time, it should also check whether the tires have scratches, because the rubber is easy to harden during the fall and winter season, the tires are easy to leak or the tire is pierced.

In early autumn, frequent rain will make the road slippery, and when the tread is too shallow, there will be less friction between the tires and the ground, and the brake distance will be prolonged to cause the traffic accident.

At this point, you need to check the abrasion of the tire pattern and replace the new tire in time.

The repaired tyres are changed to the rear wheel, and the tyres repaired more than three times should be replaced.

In addition, the tire pattern of the tire also has the drainage function, after the rain is easy to adhere to the gravel, sediment and so on, which will affect the displacement of the tire.

To avoid this, the car owner can choose waterproof tires.

Remove battery oxide

The electrode wiring of the accumulator is the place where the problem is easy to occur during the summer and autumn period. If the electrode is found to have green oxide in the wiring place, the water will be washed away.

If not removed, the generator will not generate enough electricity, so that the battery will be in a state of loss, which will cause the battery to be scrapped in the early stages, or it will not be able to hit the car.

When washed out with boiling water, dry the water with compressed air and spray it with a special protective agent to prevent the oxidation layer from appearing again.

Frequent maintenance of spark plug

The vehicles can start ignition system relations, on into the autumn, when the owner should check these parts, especially the plug part, see if rust, once the rust, then use professional cleaning agent processing.

In the choice and use of cleaning agent, it is also desirable to choose the maintenance products of regular automobile beauty and maintenance stores to achieve the best results.

The maintenance of spark plugs is also important, and if something goes wrong, it will cause the engine to shake or not to hit the car.

In the fall, the weather turns cool, the car needs to be more serviced, and when the winter comes, the vehicle can adapt to the cold weather quickly.

The maintenance is in place, will save the card friends a lot of trouble, also will prolong the service life of the vehicle!