Tips for extending the life of a tyre

The tire is the only part of the car that touches the ground and is one of the fastest wearing parts.The maintenance of the tyre is directly related to the safety of the driving.Especially in the changing climate, rain or shine, uncertain and drizzly in the tropics, the change of nature has direct impact on the tyres, today small make up you the right way to do maintenance for share to tire.


Check tire pressure is exquisite

The tire pressure is an important parameter to measure the safety of the tire, because the climate environment in different regions is different, the tire pressure will also change frequently, so the first step is to check whether the tire pressure is accurate.

The impact of the tire pressure on the vehicle model, cargo quantity, cargo type and other factors is the most.

Low tire pressure can cause abnormal wear of tires and increase vehicle fuel consumption.

Excessive tire pressure can easily trigger a flat tire, causing incalculable loss and personal injury.

Fetal pressure monitoring is best measured in the morning before the vehicle starts.

Because the tire is completely cooled after four hours of static, the measured data is the most accurate.

The tire pressure of all dimensions under normal conditions is shown in the following table


The tire shift is important

Due to different factors such as the model and driving route, the tire wear degree will be uneven, and the tire replacement can be a good solution.

This requires the driver to constantly observe the wear of the tire, and the tire replacement according to the wear condition can prolong the life of the tyre and also make the tires wear even.


Take the tractor as an example, the tire on the steering shaft, the suggested wear degree is around 50% (observe wear limit block), the left and right tyres will be replaced.On the drive shaft, if it is a single-drive axle vehicle, it is recommended to change the inner lateral tire when the outer tyre is worn to 80%.If it is a dual drive car, it is recommended to replace the front and rear axle tires with the fastest tire to reach 50% wear.


For three and a half shaft hang trailer aspects, for example, three axis after all the tires is new, when the third axle tire wear to 50% of the time, recommendations will be 2, 3 axis tires cross transposition.In addition, it can also be used for the lowest cost to maximize the maintenance of the tire.


In respect of the tread renovation of the tire, when the remaining depth of the second axle tire is 3-4 mm, the groove is cut.Another update after the third axle tire, it is suggested that the tire renovation of 1, 2, axis, it is important to note that if the tire crown stung, damage is more, not suitable for carving groove of the tires, can be directly for renovation, so please users friends must pay attention to try to reduce the damage tire crown.