SHACMAN M3000 6 x 4 tractor car 5 quality brand new upgrade

一、外观时尚 最高颜值

(1)SHACMAN M3000 6×4牵引车,外观时尚前卫、工艺精湛,具有更高的辨识度,内饰轿车化全新设计,豪华温馨;

SHACMAN M3000 6×4 tractor truck has fashionable and advanced appearance, exquisite workmanship, and higher inimitable symbol. Its interior is designed as car-like with luxury and warm-sweet.


Comprehensive chassis  upgrade,  reasonable layout line pipe;


Whole vehicle uses galvanized bolts and sprays wax process.

二、自重行业最轻 效益更佳

SHACMAN M3000 6×4牵引车采用多种新型轻量化材料及多项降重设计,零部件模块开发,产品品质及自重同步优化,整车自重达到行业同类产品最轻。

SHACMAN M3000 6×4 tractor truck uses a variety of new lightweight materials and a number of drop weight design,component module development, product quality and the weight of synchronous optimization. Vehicle’s kerb mass is the lightest among industry.


New leaf spring and a variety of stents;


Lightweight front axle and drive axle;


 Lightweight design engine;


High-quality lightweight rims & storage air-cylinders.

三、家一般的驾乘环境 舒适享您所想

M3000 6×4牵引车对驾乘空间舒适性进行专项提升,充分过滤来自复杂路况的冲击颠簸。

M3000 6 × 4 tractor truck’s space comfort is improved to full filter from the impact of complex road conditions bumps.


Four - point airbag suspension, transverse damping shock absorber;


Air-bag seats, widened front suspension, extended leaf spring;


The widest 840mm sleeper among industry , spacious and comfortable;


Multi-sealed noise reduction measures make you enjoy the home like general comfort and warmth.

四、超凡双擎动力 黄金组合更低油耗

SHACMAN M3000 6×4牵引车动力匹配精准,完美适应各类运输工况,搭载潍柴WP10、WP12四气门、康明斯ISM11发动机,动力覆盖范围270-440马力,全负荷燃油消耗率更低,经济性更好。

SHACMAN M3000 6 × 4 tractor truck has power matching precision which is perfect to adapt to all types transport conditions,equipped with Weichai WP10, WP12 four valves, Cummins ISM11 engine, whose power coverage is 270-440 horsepower. Its full load fuel consumption is much lower and economic.


Aluminum case gearbox;


Industry exclusive axle differential and wheel differential lock combination make the driving more efficient and adapt to avariety of complex road conditions. It substantially increases in transport efficiency and revenue.

五、安全新升级 行车更无忧


Rigorous vehicle assembly process;


Front view mirror with wide field of vision lens, awider field of vision;


High reliability, the industry exclusive air-dryer,oil and water separator, engine brake as standard configuration, braking forceup to 326 horsepower, excellent braking performance, to ensure the travel fullworry-free


M3000 models are equipped with 450L fuel tank as standard configuration,600L/ 1000L large fuel tank as optional and longer driving range.