SHACMAN M3000 multi-function washing car, what is good?

SHACMAN M3000 multifunctional steam sweep to wash the car by shan joint research and development of yangzhou sanyuan, sweep road surface cleaning, surface washing, lu yanshi and luyandan facade cleaning and spray dust, low pressure flush, and multi-function in one large multi-functional cleaning cleaning vehicles.It adopts PLC programming, intelligent control system, electricity, liquid, gas concentration control, tipping dump material.Currently the multi-function car washed sweep has in jiangsu province, shaanxi, qinghai and other regions have been put into market, contribute to urban road cleaning, recognized by the sanitation department and customer.

So, how much use does it have, what is the structure of the vehicle, and whether or not the relevant parameters are leading, and what exactly does it have?Let me give you a detailed introduction.

What are the main USES?

It can be used for cleaning, cleaning, high-pressure cleaning and low-pressure cleaning of urban roads, squares, airports and docks.It can be used separately as the road sweeping car, or at the same time with high voltage cleaning and sweep operations;It has many functions such as road cleaning, road surface cleaning, road and road along the road.After the work, the road surface is no dust, no collecting water, and the road surface is cleaned to reveal the original appearance of asphalt or concrete.


What is the main structure?

By the vehicle chassis system, vice machine and power transmission system, water tank, dustbin, high pressure cleaning system, low pressure water system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electric control system, sweeping brush system, suction cups, etc.





What is the good of specific performance?

It has many functions such as road cleaning/cleaning, road and road along the road, and spraying and dusting, low pressure washing and so on.

The body of the vehicle box is rectangular, with strong structure and beautiful appearance.

The working device adopts the layout of "two sets of two disks in the middle and the v-type spray frame + suction nozzle structure".

Low left and right high side with suction nozzle spray rod form a "V" type is decorated, hydraulic and operation, and can adjust the Angle of "V" shape and high pressure water nozzle Angle, flow huge impact, can efficiently collect sewage, lateral jet rod with collision avoidance, and automatic reset function.

There are 6 working modes: left wash, right wash, clean sweep, left scan, right sweep, sweep.

The unique side spray anti-collision mechanism can effectively protect the side jet mechanism. It can avoid the damage caused by the impact of the washing device at any time.


The clean water tank and the waste water garbage can be arranged independently, and the effective space utilization is maximized, and the time of continuous operation is long.At the same time, sewage discharge can be carried out in the process of operation.

The dustbin adopts double cylinder self-discharging unloading material, with a spray washing device in the box, which can quickly flush the dustbin.

In order to facilitate the maintenance of the auxiliary machine, the inspection door is set at the front, side and top of the cabin to facilitate the access of personnel.The garbage box is equipped with anti-overflow alarm device, box material material selection science, avoid the use of rigid and excessive material.

In order to improve the impact resistance of the box, the steel frame and the whole structure are used in the box.A high-pressure spray system can be installed at the bottom of the dumpster, which can be used for road spray precipitation and summer road cooling.


Low sweep brush ground pressure adopts pneumatic pressure control technology, can realize sweeping brush contact with the ground pressure constant, can automatically compensate after sweeping brush wear, do not need to manually adjust, make sure to wash the sweep efficiency is not affected.The brush has automatic obstacle avoidance protection and reset function.

The clean water tank and sewage waste bin are made of single - layer stainless steel and never rust.

The selection is equipped with low-pressure water system. The front nozzle adopts the large duck bill and the flushing pressure is large, but it can flush six lanes at a time.Around the nozzle can be 360 °, 360 ° adjust up and down.

It is equipped with air - force and anti-freezing device to effectively remove residual water from water system and prevent the damage of components.

There are many safety alarm devices: low water level of the clean water tank, high water level of the dustbin, leakage of hydraulic oil, etc., the installation of color monitor can be installed to monitor the operation condition.

Using PLC programming, intelligent control system, electric, liquid and gas centralized control, the driver can complete various actions in the driving room.